6 Best Websites to Kill Time and Beat Boredom

It’s not true that only boring people get bored, only people that don’t know the best corners of the internet get bored. So here we are, ready to provide you with some awesome websites to kill time. And wait until the end to discover some unknown gems you probably never heard of before.

kill boredom online

1. Royal Vegas Casino

If you want to kill some time and have a chance of getting richer, then Royal Vegas Casino is a fantastic option. This online casino is full of different gaming experiences to cater to the masses. Choose from online video slot games, table casino games – or opt for the realistic live casino games films in pristine studios with multiple camera angles. Even better, new customers can sign up and earn attractive promotions.

2. Reddit

The internet is a rabbit hole and there is no better place to jump down that hole than on Reddit. This large forum is packed with interesting, quirky, weird and wonderful threads discussing the world’s best stories, jaw-dropping tales and more.

If you want a slice of knowledge on any subject whatsoever or just want to be entertained, start tuning in to Reddit soon. If Reddit isn’t your thing, consider the slightly more grown-up Quora.

3. YouTube

YouTube has become the most shared form of media because it is so fast and easy to do. Video also makes content digestible and more enjoyable. So why would you not make YouTube one of your go-to sites when bored.

Here you can find award-winning podcasts from the likes of Ricky Gervais, Joe Rogan and an endless stream of beauty vloggers, fitness gurus and cat videos. YouTube has become one of the most-watched platforms in the world and overtaken TV channels. Kill time here soon!

4. Pinterest

For creative minds, Pinterest is a must-not-miss site. It can be a source of inspiration for anything and everything, including home décor, food, tattoos and the list goes on. For anybody with a project in the pipeline or considering a new wardrobe, head to Pinterest to get the ball rolling.

5. Netflix

Although it is number five on our list, it is probably number one on yours. Netflix has become an entertainment phenomenon in every corner of the globe with many shows, movies and documentaries the touch of a button away.

The best thing about Netflix is it keeps getting better – and it has an app so you can kill boring time on buses and trains easily.

6. Something Else…

Nothing new here? If you don’t want to follow the digital crowds to these sites then consider searching for Tank Trouble, Mini Pool or Helicopter for some arcade-style games that never go out of fashion. Crazy Games is a great place to start.

And if these don’t tickle your fancy, go outside and climb trees or throw a ball around the park.

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