Chrome Canary gets ‘Tab Groups Auto-Create’ feature

Automation is the next-generation expertise. Google has been keenly working to update the ‘Group Tab’ feature. The latest update on the Group Tab feature has taken a high-leap on Google Canary latest version 87.0.4266.0 by introducing the ‘Tab Groups Auto-Create‘ feature, which can be enabled from flags.

Currently, users have to add links to groups manually. This elongate user work by selecting each link and adding them to groups individually.

After the update, the links will be added to the group automatically. In simple words, if you create a new group for Geekermag and visit different links (on the same site), these links get added to the group automatically.

Enable and Use Automatic Group Tab Feature

To enable the Automatic Group Tab feature, you have to follow the below steps:

Open Chrome browser and visit this chrome://flags#tab-groups-auto-create address.

tab group auto create

Click on the drop-down arrow and change ‘Tab Groups Auto-Create‘ from Default to Enabled.

Relaunch your browser.

You might be interested in reading about how to use the Tab Group feature and Tab Group Collapse feature in Chrome v85 in Stable channel.

For information information about Automatic Group Tab feature, you can check this bug created by Chromium Team.

What are your thoughts about Tab Group feature is getting automated? Comment below and follow us for more update on this feature.

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