How to Enable or Disable ‘Offer to Save Passwords’ in Microsoft Edge Chromium

It has just been a matter of time that Microsoft’s HTML based browser has become a Chromium-based browser. Due to this reason, you will find features from both the Edge Legacy browser and Chrome browser in the new Edge Chromium.

Recently, Microsoft has updated its Edge browser yet once again with a feature that users would love. Users can now enable and disable the offer that they get to save passwords whenever they enter credentials on a website.

Usually, when you visit a website and enter credentials, your browser would offer you a request in order to save passwords or not. You can either ‘Remember’ the password or select ‘Not now’ to avoid.

This feature pops up every time you enter credentials and may result to make it inconvenient for the users. Microsoft’s Edge Chromium has come up with an update where you can opt to disable offering to save passwords.

Enable/Disable Offer to Save Passwords in Edge

If you’re the one looking for the same option in Edge browser, then follow are the steps which you need to use to enable or disable the feature:

Open Microsoft Edge, click on the Ellipse (…) icon and from the menu select Settings.

On the left menu, select ‘Profiles‘.

Now under ‘Your Profile’, click on ‘Passwords‘. You can directly reach here by visiting edge://settings/profiles

microsoft edge offer to save passwords

On this page, the first option will be ‘Offer to save passwords‘. Move the slider to the ON/OFF position to enable and disable offer to save passwords.

Note: If you do not find the option, please update your Microsoft Edge.

The feature is really helpful, right? It will make user experience comfortable by avoiding pop up menu to save our credentials on every visit to different websites. Share your thoughts.

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