How to Update Amazon Fire Stick

how to update firestick from amazon

Want to update Amazon Fire Stick, but don’t how to do that? The blog post has step by step instructions on how to do that. Amazon Fire Stick is a handy device which when connected to your TV let you watch a variety of content which includes TV Shows, Movies, Videos, and play games over

How to Reply to Text Messages from your Fitbit App

How to Reply to Text Messages from Fitbit

One of the best thing about using an Android phone with Fitbit is that it lets users reply to text messages right from the wrist. Using Quick Reply feature is easy to use, but before you get started you need to spend few minutes in understanding how it works. What You’ll Require Before getting started,

How to Perform Dell Laptop Warranty Check – Two Ways

How to Perform Dell Warranty Check for Laptop

Want to perform Dell warranty check for a laptop you own? The following blog has instructions on how to do that. Dell, the American multinational computer technology company that create laptops used by people all across the globe. The company makes laptops that offer value for money. Even I’m writing this blog post using one of