Stop Vertical Tabs in Edge from Auto Expanding when Minimized

Vertical Tabs is the coolest feature of Microsoft Edge, the feature when enable activates side panel on the left side of the screen showing you a list of all the tabs you have opened. Microsoft is working heavily on improving Vertical tabs, recently they have added support for adjusting width of tabs, hide title bar, search the web, and even more.

Microsoft secretly added an option to the browser so that the Vertical tabs panel doesn’t expand automatically when it is minimized. The option is useful when you only want to see Vertical tabs in tabicons mode.

Stop Vertical Tabs in Edge from Auto Expanding when Minimized

Lots of users were requesting this option and Edge developers have finally added this option in the latest version of Edge in Canary, Dev, and Beta channel. In case, you want to try how this works, then here’s what you need to do:

When Vertical Tabs panel expands automatically, you need to move the pointer to the border and click on it.

After that, press the CAPS Lock key. You can check following gif to learn how this option works:

How to Lock Vertical Tabs to Tabicons Mode

Of course, you can also resize the Vertical Tabs panel to a minimum width but, if for some reason you want it to remain minimized with only the tabicons visible, then you should this option a try.

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