How to Make Headphones Louder without Headphone Volume Booster

If you’re looking for a way on how to make headphones louder? The following post has a workaround that helps in achieving the same thing.

how to make headphone louder

While working on a PC, the most of the users plug in the favorite set of headphone to listen to music to avoid any distraction. But nothing is worse than being limited to the volume of the headphone.

Even lots of survey suggested that loud music sound much better in comparison to the low music. But what if you’re using a set of headphone which requires extra tweaking to get most out of it?

How to Make Headphones Louder

No problem, the following post has instructions on how to make your headphones louder without using a headphone volume booster. So without further delay why don’t you start reading the instructions:

Warning: It is also suggested that headphone loud music is not good for ears. The company put those limitations to set of headphone to avoid any risk associated with your health. So boost the volume of the headphone at your own risk.

Initial Testing

First of all plug-in your headphones and make sure that it is plugged in. Also, if your headphone has volume control try to increase it to the maximum. You can check the following screenshot for a bright idea:

headphone sound controls buttons

Because in most of the cases, users forget to increase the headphone volume to its max due to which they experience low sound experience.

In case, volume control button not available on your headphone, then you can increase the headphone volume from the system. Here is how you can increase the headphone volume:

volume settings in windows 10

Click on the volume icon available in the notification area which in return bring the volume bar. You need to make sure that it’s set to 100% and if not do the same.

Once you’re done with initial testing, you’re ready to go.


1. In the Start menu search bar type ‘Sounds‘ and when the same result appears, click to open it.


2. In the Sound window under ‘Playback,’ you need to find out your headphone. In my case, it is a USB headphone which you can check clearly in the screenshot:

playback devices in sounds settings

3. Now make a ‘right click‘ on the Headphone and from the context menu select ‘Properties.’

sound properties

4. In the Properties windows, you need to switch to ‘Enhancement.’ Under this tab, you will find four different options insider the box like shown in the following screenshot:

loudness equalization settings in windows 10

You need to tick the box for ‘Loudness Equalization‘ and after that click on the Apply and then OK to save the changes. You can also take help of other options to improve the sound.

Once done, you can play any song using the default media player. I bet you will notice that the headphone sound louder and better.

I hope you find this article on how to make headphones louder. Why don’t you try this workaround and let me know your thoughts?

In case, you have any other suggestion to make headphones louder; you’re welcome to share it in the comment section so that others can use that.

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