How to Merge Cells in Google Spreadsheet – 2020

How to Merge Cells in Google Doc - 2018

The blog post will teach you quick and easy steps on how to merge cells in Google Sheets. Google Doc, a popular office suite from Google. The services offer various applications that let the user create and edit documents. Apart from them, it provides users spreadsheet app using which users can create, organize and present the tabular

How to Clear Browser Cache (All Modern Browser) – 2020

how to clear browser cache

Want to clear browser cache but don’t know how to do that? The following blog post will guide you how to Clear Cache on the browser (All Modern browsers) Whenever there is a problem with a site, the first suggestion you get from technical support is to “try to clear browser cache” accompanied by “try

How to Share Private YouTube Video – 2020

How to Share Private YouTube Video

Want to learn the instructions on how to share private YouTube videos? The blog post will guide you through the steps. YouTube is a fantastic video sharing platform that lets you share videos that you have produced with the entire world. Apart from that, it also gives you an option to make videos private. This feature gives you the power

How to Delete a Group on Facebook -2020

how to delete a facebook group

The following post will have step by step instructions on how to delete a Facebook Group. Facebook offers users various options to get connected with your friends. Groups are one out of those things. You can create one according to interest or cause. Creating a group on Facebook is a straightforward task, you need to click

How to Add Resume on Linkedin Profile – 2020

how to upload resume on linkedin

Looking for a way on how to upload resume on LinkedIn profile? The following post has instructions on how to do that. LinkedIn is popular employment and business-oriented web service that let you manage your professional identity online. On the site, you can build your professional network and engage with them. You can access insights,

SNES9x – The Best SNES Emulator For Windows 10

snesx9 - The best snes emulator for windows 10

Looking for the best SNES emulator for windows 10 PC? This post has an answer to this question. There is nothing much to say about the competition Nintendo and SEGA that was undoubtedly one of the fiercest rivalries regarding entertainment and games. Since 1990, these two major brands have been at each other’s back with