How to Remove ‘VBS:Malware-Gen’ in Windows 10

how to remove VBS Malware gen worm

Is your default antivirus detecting “vbs:malware-gen” infection every time you perform a full scan? Don’t worry! The following post has possible ways on how to remove vbs:malware-gen. What is VBS:Malware-gen VBS:Malware-gen is a Windows computer threat belongs to worm category. Mostly this threat reaches the computer via spam email sent by other sufferers, spam websites,

How to Corrupt a Word File – Two Secret Ways

how to corrupt a word file

Want to corrupt a file, especially an MS Word file? The following post has all the possible ways on how to Corrupt a Word file. No one on this planet would like to have corrupted documents. As creating a document take time and lots of hard work especially when you’re a student or an employee

How to Enable Dark Theme for Firefox – Official Way

how to enable firefox dark theme

Firefox dark theme is this what you want? The following article has detailed instructions on how to enable the dark theme for Firefox browser. Firefox is one of favorite modern browser available on the internet. The majority of the users love to surf the web using the same browser. As an open source project, Firefox

Customize Mozilla Firefox Start Page [Five Ways]

mozilla firefox start page

Want to brighten up the start page of Firefox browser? The following post has different ways on how to customize Mozilla Firefox Start Page. Once you download Mozilla Firefox and complete the installation on your machine, the browser opens up with a start page, or you can say homepage. Mozilla Firefox Start Page has pre-configured settings

How to Change Steam Account Name and Profile Name

how to change steam account name

Want to change steam account name and the profile name? The post has a possible explanation and step by step instructions on how to do it. Steam is a popular digital distribution platform which offers multiplay gaming, digital rights management, social networking and video streaming. This platform is developed by Valve Corporation. To get access

How Old is My Computer (Find Age of My Computer)

how old is my computer

If one question ever strikes your mind, i.e., How old is my computer? The following post has all the possible ways on how to find that. Sometimes condition comes when you want to know the age of your computer. There might be various reason why you want to know that. Windows operating system is one

How to Delete Roblox Account (Three Methods)

how to delete roblox account

Looking for a way on how to delete Roblox account? If that’s the case, you will find the information on this page useful. Roblox is a popular online game creation service and a social platform to play online multiplayer games. On the site, users can develop their online multiplayer games and play them with other users. Apart from