Using a VPN can reduce ping in online gaming to reduce lags and make the gaming experience. Keep up with the online play by using a VPN and learn the details here.

How VPN Can Reduce Ping in Online Games
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Lag is a word that will send a cold shudder down the necks of gamers and online casino visitors. A lag can be the difference between a failed mission and gaming glory, or winning the jackpot on one of the slot machines at PartyCasino and losing out.

There are many reasons why a game may lag, but one of the most common is due to high ping. Lowering the ping will make games run smoothly without jittery avatars or stalling slot reels. So, what is ping – and how can you reduce it to make online gaming seamless?

What Is Ping?

Ping is a form of measurement used in the gaming world to calculate the time it takes for information to pass from the internet server to the computer, and from the computer back to the server. The longer the time it takes for information to move between the server and the computer or console, the higher the ping. An ideal ping will measure in at 50ms, and anything close to 250ms should consider ping solutions.

Many solutions have been put forward to lower ping, some more effective than others. One of the best is to use a VPN to lower the ping significantly. Aside from the additional privacy afforded by a VPN, a VPN can make the speed of a game equal to or better than fellow online players.

Understanding Lag and Ping

The easy way to know how high your ping is can be calculated by how long it takes for a page to load before gameplay, usually in setting screens etc. Some factors to be considered when trying to work out if your ping is high, such as how many other devices and applications are using bandwidth at the same time. Other factors to include is the use of firewalls increasing ping and location, as gamers in remote areas may experience slower bandwidth regardless.

How Does a VPN Reduce Ping?

The overarching aim for gamers wanting to lower their ping is to be connected with the nearest game server. For example, if the nearest game server is situated in Vietnam, but you are gaming from a New York apartment, it will take longer to swap information with the server from your device. You need to connect from a closer distance.

With just a couple of clicks onto a VPN, the gamer can move closer to the server they need, reducing the distance and making their ping reduce. However, players will not always get the best results by reducing this gap and should also consider heightened traffic that uses a lot of bandwidth. It may be better to sacrifice some distance for reduced online traffic.

If you are considering using a VPN to reduce ping, remember to choose a provider with a lot of options around the world so you can connect to the different areas you need!

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