A few month ago, Microsoft integrated a new IE Mode in Microsoft Edge browser. With the help of this feature users were able to open web-pages in Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has Disabled IE Mode in Edge v83

The purpose of adding this feature to Edge browser to open webpages that are only compatible with Internet Explorer. The feature was disabled out of the box and users have to enable IE Mode in Edge manually.

It seems like, Starting with Microsoft Edge v83, the company has removed or disabled IE Mode. Some users already reported about the same on this thread of Microsoft Tech community and this thread of Microsoft Edge forum.

To confirm this when we head over to (…) More action > More Tools. We found  “Show this page with Internet Explorer” entry missing. Also, when we checked the Edge://flags section, we found the “Enable IE Mode” flag missing.

As of writing this blog post, there is no official information on whether Microsoft has removed the feature or its just a bug. Whenever we get any update from officials on this, we will update it.

Are you able to access IE Mode in Microsoft Edge v83? Let us know in the comments.

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