4 Nifty Online Tools to Improve your Essay Writing Skills

    No one is born a great essay writer. Writing depends mostly on skill and just a bit – of talent and knowing the rules. So, you can improve your writing no matter what and no matter what your current level is especially. Luckily, modern technology can help you in this way a lot.

    4 Nifty Online Tools to Improve your Essay Writing Skills

    In this blog post, we will share with you some of the best online tools using which you can easily improve you essay writing skills. So, without further delay, let’s start checking the first one:

    1. Grammarly

    Grammarly is a headliner of all the writing program charts. It is your personal pocket editor and proofreader. Not only will it correct your grammar and punctuation mistakes, but it will also make the whole your text more readable – shortening the overly long sentences, simplifying clumsy grammar constructions and suggesting using synonyms for the word you use over and over again.

    It works best in the full paid version, but it really worth every cent of it! You will see the notifications about your mistakes and make your decisions, consciously deciding to leave the long sentence be (because it needs to be like that) or recognizing it as an overly complicated one. You won’t get the ready and smooth text; you will work out your mistakes the same way you are doing it with the teacher. So Grammarly is #1 of our lists too.

    2. OneLook Reverse Dictionary

    How often do you forget the words you need right now? Use OneLook Reverse Dictionary to avoid placing the clumsy descriptive constructions instead of one precise word that was on the tip of your tongue. This program works – as the name says – as a reverse dictionary: you give it a description and it returns a word that can be described by it.

    Reverse dictionaries are extremely useful when you are writing an essay about some professional topics, like marketing essays, with lots of terms and words that are rarely used outside of it. They can also make your text sufficiently shorter because sometimes a whole sentence can be changed for one or two words. If you are writing an essay on another language, they can be true life-savers (because the concept that needs a lengthy explanation on one language may have one special word on the other).

    3. Writefull

    An app created especially for academic writing, Writefull can make your text more professional-looking, suggesting synonyms and language constructions that are used in this context most often. It can also read your text aloud if you need to prepare a speech and want to understand how it sounds. Writefull can evaluate the chunks of text and help you choose between the two different ways to express your thoughts; just upload the two pieces of text and let the app compare them, showing you, which writing style is used in context more often.

    Writefull has an enormous language database and the quantity of processed text is tremendous – so it does have enough examples to compare your text with. Grammarly makes texts more readable and simpler, Writefull can make them more academic-looking and fit your writing to the criteria you need.

    4. Writing Challenge

    If you need some fresh ideas to start with – try Writing Challenge that will provide plenty of them in the form of a game. You may choose random conditions (e.g. quantity of sentences, writing against the clock, the sentence to start or end the story, etc.) and practice your writing. You don’t have to show the results or compete with other writers – it’s your own personal challenge until you decide to show your text yourself.

    Writing Challenge kick-starts your creativity and helps you overcome writing block. It also works as a free association method, allowing you to get a sudden insight because of a random sentence you didn’t expect.

    These four apps are completely different – but they have to be because they serve different tasks. There are lots of apps of similar types – feel free to find them on the Net and choose the one that suits you best.

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