PPPoker Review- Everything You Need To Know About It

If you’re only hearing about PPPoker for the first time, PPPoker is the latest poker sensation to hit the gaming world and is considered one of the biggest market disruptors in the online poker sphere. Where the poker craze started in the early 2000s and lasted less than a decade, during that time poker games were soft and fish were everywhere. That’s no longer the case as poker sites are now filled with sharks, making it difficult to find an edge and play profitably.

Add new stringent laws and regulations in several countries, that have forced many companies to move to other countries that have relaxed policies to continue to operate, and the state of poker has seen a massive decline in the last 10 years. Despite these setbacks, however, the online poker gaming market continues to grow with projected revenues passing half a trillion dollars in the next four years.

Global Mobile Gaming Market

With over half of people on the planet using their mobiles to access the internet and participate in online gaming, mobility is everything these days and mobile gaming apps are generating some incredible revenues. Market research analysis quoted by PR Newswire indicates that the online global gaming market is expected to reach revenues of over $525 billion by 2023, and growing at a CAGR of about 4% during the six-year forecast period between 2017-2023. An incredible growth, considering in 2015 it was worth just over $41 billion. 

Poker, in particular, dominated the grossing charts and grew the revenue of app development companies, a trend which is forecast to continue with poker games and their sub-genres becoming bigger and more popular. This is where PPPoker comes in to offer a revolutionary new way to play online, by providing new and amateur players from over 100 countries around the globe with an intuitive platform for playing live online poker within a global community. While also enjoying things like home games to add a completely different dynamic to disrupt the industry.

What is PPPoker?

With word-of-mouth as the best and cheapest form of marketing, PPPoker has grown tremendously in the last two years, in part due to activity on the brand’s social media pages such as the PPPoker Official Twitter. As the popularity of poker grows globally, through online gaming and live events, PPPoker is providing players a convenient, effective and extremely popular platform to play poker. The PPPoker World Championship that took place in Manila in February of this year only serves to reinforce the global popularity of poker.

A Community of Players

In light of the above, the company behind PPPoker aims to bring back the good old days of online poker when pros were few and games were soft. PPPoker is considered a revolution in the world of poker and has become increasingly popular. The PPPoker app allows players to create a private club where they can play against each other. Virtual chips can be purchased through the app which you give to your player against the set value of the chip. 

PPPoker also allows independent organizers to host games online, with the ability to create their own unions with other private club owners and invite players to join. For players, this means a larger pool of people to play against, even if they only have access to one club (the PPPoker app also allows players to play up to three tables at once). Additionally, with the PPPoker app catering mainly to amateur players, they do not allow professional HUDs or stats tracking.

The only thing you’ll see on the sleek interface is information like VPIP (Voluntarily Put Money In Pot). There are three poker options to choose from; No-Limit Hold’em, pot-limit Omaha (PLO) and Pineapple open-face Chinese, with opportunities for freerolls. The player can customize the configurations of various types of games. All a player has to do to play is to download the PPPoker app, find and join a club or create their own, and get the PP Chips from the club owners to get started.

Fairness and Certification

The PPPoker platform as a whole is reliable and fair, having earned a Certificate of Integrity from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), ensuring that dealing sequences satisfy the stringent requirements of randomness in the deal. There is also a zero-tolerance stance towards cheating, with the PPPoker app using over fifty unique indicators to detect bots or use of third-party software. Players are immediately banned if there is evidence to show that they have been cheating. Additionally, PPPoker club owners can restrict GPS and IP to prevent players from competing at the same time with the same location information or IP address. 

Some Challenges and Future Solutions

At present, there isn’t a great deal of issues with PPPoker. One sticking point could be the fact that it is only available in 11 languages as the brand is yet to break into some European countries. This will probably change once the brand breaks into new territories in the not too distant future.

Additionally, you could argue that there aren’t enough popular game types on the app. Currently, there are only three, which isn’t enough and there needs to be a bit more variety, which we are sure PPPoker will be working on in the coming months so that they can expand their roster of games for their global player base to enjoy.

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