Fix – Download Error “Virus Scan Failed” in Chrome

Fix - Download Error "Virus Scan Failed" in Chrome

The following blog post has quick workaround on how to fix “Virus Scan Failed” download error in Chrome. Chrome is undoubtedly the best browser available on the internet, but we can’t forget the fact that it is full of errors and issues. One out of them is Chrome downloading errors. Fix – Virus Scan Failed

Fix – Zoom Microphone not working in Windows 10 (Four Methods)

Fix - Zoom Microphone not working in Windows 10

Microphone not working in Zoom video conference? You’re not alone! Let’s learn how to fix the issue. Zoom is a popular video communication service used by people all across the globe. During video conferences audio play essential role, if it stops working it’s impossible to work for home. Unfortunately, some users reporting that whenever they