Top 3 Ways to Lower Your Monthly Internet Bills

    Bills suck, and if there’s another monkey hanging on your back at the end of each month, it’s the internet bill. But what if we told you there are ways to reduce your overall payment? Yes, it’s doable, and if you’re up for it, we got some tips to help you save more.

    How to Lower Your Monthly Internet Bills

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    1. Buy Your Own Modem

    Alright, so maybe you’ve seen this quite enough on many different money-saving websites but it’s true. One of the biggest reasons why you’re paying so much every year is because of the modem you’re renting from the ISP. This alone costs around $20 to $30 every month.

    “But how am I supposed to know what modem to buy,” you ask? Well, just look under your modem, write down the model and search for one in an electronic store or hardware depot. These things are pretty inexpensive nowadays and they’re yours as a one-time fee instead of a monthly deposit. Once you got it, just follow the set-up instructions and you’re good. 

    “So what am I going to do with the ISP’s modem then?” You can either call up your ISP and tell them to pick up the modem for you or just go to your nearest ISP branch and return it to them. Don’t worry, you won’t get charged for returning it to them. Just make sure you remind them to cut off the rental fee on your internet bill from now on.

    2. Consider Purchasing a Bundle

    Separate bills cause separate cases of stress. But what if you can lessen the stress AND the bill at the same time? Yes, it’s possible. With buying a bundle, you can pay for everything at once under one bill. Even if you ask Cortana what’s the best way to reduce internet bills, she’d say get a bundle.

    A bundle always includes the following: internet, TV, cellphone, and telephone. It’s a given that paying for these separately cost more than settling an all-in-one package. 

    Sure, the service may tell you that you will save lots of money thanks to their discount but the sellers won’t let you go away that easy. They will definitely upsell you about their other packages and adding this-and-that to the mix to “fully experience” the bundle. These include additional channels, slightly increased internet speed and small phone plan discounts. To this, you must decline. Remember that you’re buying the bundle to save as much as $50 a month; not recreating the same mistakes of paying a lot every month.

    3. Negotiations will Net You Hidden Plans

    Did you know that speaking to your ISP’s promodiser will let you discover their other internet plans that they never reveal in their ads? You’d be surprised. Much like McDonald’s secret menu, asking your ISP representative about any internet plan that’s more convenient and money-saving for you will reveal some unique plans. 

    For example, if you happen to be an AT&T subscriber and you feel like paying for 100 Mbps fiber for $60 a month is too expensive, they’ll let you know that they have a DSL connection that’s also 100 Mbps but for only $50 a month. Not bad, right? Try calling your ISP and ask for more money-saving plans without sacrificing your internet speed and quality. It’s an SOP for them to include plans not shown in the market.

    Reduced Bills Means Reduced Stress

    Noticed that we never told you to subscribe to an internet plan with slower speed but cheaper payment? That’s because the tips we gave you will still help you retain the same internet quality and speed you have without paying too much. Hope this guide will help you in saving on internet utility.

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