Logitech Gaming Software in Windows 10 Won’t Install

logitech gaming software in windows 10 won't install

Lots of user complaining that Logitech gaming software in Windows 10 is not installing. In case, you’re also facing the same issue; then I recommend you to read the post for solution. With the help of Logitech gaming software offers intelligence and power to your equipment which in return makes it possible to enjoy all

Windows 10 Driver Optimizer – Know Everything

Windows 10 Driver Optimizer tool

If you’re one out of the Windows 10 user, who wants to know “Is the Windows 10 Driver Optimizer a legit download? I recommend you must check this post for a detailed explanation. Windows 10 Driver Optimizer is a program that identifies various issues with your computer and tries to resolve these problems via driver matching technology

Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 10

Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 10

Looking for an answer to the question, i.e., Where is Recycle Bin in Windows 10? This post has an answer to it. Sometimes after installation of Windows 10 lots of users find out that there is no icon available on the Windows 10 desktop. Even in some cases, the Recycle Bin icon is not available

Manage Windows 10 Slideshow Settings (Explained)

windows 10 slideshow settings

In today’s post, you will read about everything you need to know about Windows 10 slideshow settings. So if you want to manage slideshow settings, then I recommend checking this post till the last line. Microsoft ditched classic control panel application in Windows 10 and introduced the new Settings app. Almost all the settings which

Fix: Google Drive Not Syncing in Windows 10

Google Drive Not Syncing in Windows 10

Lots of users facing the issue which reads “Google Drive not syncing in Windows 10”. In case, you’re one out of them then check out this post for all possible solution to troubleshoot the issue. Google Drive is the useful solution for backing up important files. Thanks to Google for developing Google Drive app for

How to Make Adobe Acrobat Default Windows 10 PDF Viewer

How to Make Adobe Acrobat Default Windows 10 PDF Viewer

Looking for a way on how to make adobe acrobat default windows 10 pdf viewer, then this post is dedicated to you guys 🙂 In Windows 10, the Microsoft has changed lots of things, and one thing out of them is changing defaults apps for opening different files which include multimedia files, text files, and more.