How to Remove Continue Watching from Netflix Home List

How to Remove Continue Watching from Netflix

In the following tutorial, you will read step by step guide on how to remove Continue Watching from Netflix site’s homepage. Netflix is the popular online media streaming and video on demand & DVD online by mail service. On the website, you can stream latest and favorite Movies, TV Shows, originals and other stuff right

CPI vs DPI – Difference Between Both Explained

cpi vs dpi - what is the difference between cpi and dpi

Want to know the difference between CPI and DPI? This post is dedicated to you. It has CPI vs DPI comparison in detail. Whenever you perform a little research before purchasing a new mouse for PC or Laptop, you find the term DPI, Right? It is one of the critical points that users should keep

What is Superfetch in Windows 10? Explained

what is superfetch in windows 10

One of the GeekerMag reader wants to know the answer to the question, i.e., What is Superfetch in Windows 10? So this post is dedicated to him and to those who want to know about it. Windows 10 is the recent Windows operating system launched by Microsoft. It comes with lots of fresh features, new

Windows 10 Driver Optimizer – Know Everything

Windows 10 Driver Optimizer tool

If you’re one out of the Windows 10 user, who wants to know “Is the Windows 10 Driver Optimizer a legit download? I recommend you must check this post for a detailed explanation. Windows 10 Driver Optimizer is a program that identifies various issues with your computer and tries to resolve these problems via driver matching technology