6 Best Xbox Wireless & Wired Controllers for PC Gamers

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Gaming is fun and addictive, when you play your friends or family member it becomes more fun to play.. Not just the company of friends but good hardware, gaming accessories, and equipment can definitely enhance your overall gaming experience. But what else enhances the gaming experience the most? A good gaming controller because while all

Know This Before Hacking in Warzone!

Know This Before Hacking in Warzone!

Most people have the wrong idea about hacks and decide to use them anyway, thinking that they can help them regardless of anything. However, this definitely isn’t true. There are multiple different setbacks, especially when it comes to using the wrong types of Warzone hacks. That being said, you can avoid all of these different

4 Best Hard Drives to Store More Games For XBOX Consoles

Best external drives for xbox consoles

Are you a serious gamer? Yes! then you would probably know how it feels when your drives have no more storage space and you want more games to have. It becomes hard to choose what game you should keep and what you delete when you are running out of storage. Or maybe When you play

10 Games like PUBG to Play on your Android Mobiles

action battle royal games like pubg

Battle Royal and First Person Shooting games are addictive and really fun to play, Many of us love to play PUBG or similar games like PUBG but last week Indian Gov banned PUBG along with other 118 Chinese Applications. So, we felt many of us really looking for similar battle royale games like PUBG. One