How to Enable Dark mode in Microsoft Chromium Edge on Windows 10

How to Enable Dark mode in Microsoft Chromium Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 already has a dark theme, but the same is not in the case of Chromium based Edge browser. The browser with default settings doesn’t offer a dark theme in version 75. Learn: How to Download Microsoft Chromium Edge Browser Update: 16/05/2019 – Starting with Edge Canary v76.0.160.0, the dark

Here’s How to Fix Chrome v74 not Deleting Browsing Data

chrome v74 not clearing browsing data

Starting with Chrome v74, the company rolled out most wanted dark mode feature, other new features, and minor fixes accompanied usual annoying bugs. Lots of users reporting on this thread of Chrome Support, that they’re unable to delete browsing data following regular steps. The exact issue is: Whenever someone clicks on the “Clear Data” button

How to Enable Desktop Notifications in

how to enable outlook desktop notifications continues to improve regularly. Recently, Microsoft has introduced support for desktop notifications in the main browsers for PCs and Windows 10 tablets. Desktop notifications allow you to stay up to date on emails and chats available in In case, you use this email program frequently and find this feature interesting, then it is a good idea to