How to Perform Dell Laptop Warranty Check (Two Ways)

How to Perform Dell Warranty Check for Laptop

Want to perform Dell warranty check for a laptop you own? The following blog has instructions on how to do that. Dell, the American multinational computer technology company that create laptops used by people all across the globe. The company makes laptops that offer value for money. Even I’m writing this blog post using one of

How to Loop YouTube Videos without any Software (All Possible Ways)

How to use Youtube on repeat feature

Sometimes you find a particular video on Youtube so useful that you want to play it, again and again, using any kind repeat or loop functionality. Fortunately, Youtube offers users a native loop feature on the desktop. Unfortunately, not all users are aware of this functionality. Although, one can press the play button back to

How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

How to Block Websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

The following blog has a quick workaround on how to block websites on Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Microsoft Edge is the default web browser in Windows 10 out of the box. The company has replaced it with Internet Explorer to complete other modern browsers available in the market such as Chrome, and Firefox. By

5 Best Discord Voice Changer Apps – 2019

5 Best Discord Voice Changer Apps - 2019

If you use Discord, then the chances are that you are also looking for Discord voice changers right? The blog post has a list of best voice changer worth trying. Discord is an excellent freeware communication community and digital distribution platform dedicated to gamers. Majority of the gamers use this platform for making audio communication