22 Beautiful Rainmeter Clock Skins for Rejuvenating Your Desktop Look

    Are you looking for Rainmeter Clock Skins? The blog post is dedicated to you as it has some of the examples created by talented artists.

    Rainmeter is one of the best desktop customization programs that come to mind when you want to customize the desktop of Windows 10 PC. You can apply some of the best Rainmeter skins to keep the desktop fresh.

    Rainmeter community is so dedicated that they have created skins for each person’s interest, no matter if you’re a fan of Minimalist, Anime, System monitoring, Clocks, Weather, Gaming, and Visualizer Skins. You can also use Rainmeter Suite if you want an all-in-one package.

    You will find a never-ending list of skins on sites from where you can download Rainmeter skins. The following blog post is dedicated to users who’re fans of Clock Skins for Rainmeter. If you made up to this blog post, then you’re one out of them for sure.

    When you load Rainmeter Clock Skin, it only shows a clock depending on the functionality the skin offer. You can check our recent post on How to Install Rainmeter Skins in Windows 10 if you’re not sure about the steps.

    Best Rainmeter Clock Skin

    In case, you’re looking for some of the best Clock skins for Rainmeter, then to make your work easier, we decided to cover some of the best one in our list. Why don’t you check the first one in the list:

    1. PolarPrecise Clock For Rainmeter

    polar precise rainmeter skin

    The theme does not have any widgets apart from the clock widget. The clock widget has a polar clock design, which has two ways to read the current 5-minute interval. The color, as well as the size of the clock, can be customized.

    2. Lim!t[1.2]

    Lim!t[1.2] rainmeter skin

    This is yet another skin that is completely customizable as per the user’s desire. The minute text, hour texts, and the AM/PM texts get filled up as the time passes. Similarly, the month and day texts fill up when the month and the days are coming to end.

    3. Binary Clock Skin

    Binary Clock Skin

    The clock skin has a binary code decimal clock widget, which can be completely customized. Users can easily customize the color, size, and spacing of the widget. There are four different formats of the binary clock- HH/MM/SS, HH/MM, H/M/S, or H/M.

    4. Elegant Clock Skin

    Elegant Clock Skin

    If you are looking for a clean clock skin for the Rainmeter, then this is the skin that you should go for. It has a clock widget that is available in black and white. Moreover, you can select the color and the font of the clock widget and set them accordingly.

    5. MemoDijayRainmeter Skin

    MemoDijayRainmeter Skin

    The clock skin has a clock widget along with the widget for music, messages, and mails. The main focus on this skin is on the clock. The skin has a clean interface which makes it easier for you to use it.  

    6. Steampunk Watch Rainmeter Skin

    Steampunk Watch Rainmeter Skin

    Remember Steampunk Watches from old times? If you are looking for a clock skin to give you a similar feel, then Steampunk Watch Rainmeter Skin is what you should go for. The clock widget on this skin resembles a steam-powered clock from older times.

    7. Black Rolex Rainmeter Skin

    Black Rolex Rainmeter Skin

    If you want a clock widget that looks way similar to the Rolex watches, then you should try going for his skin. The skin gives a black, premium-looking Rolex watch dial to your computer.

    8. Reverse Shape Clock

    Reverse Shape Clock

    This is a unique clock skin that you will find for Rainmeter. The clock widget on this skin is reversed, and the clock will be working anti-clockwise. So, that is something unique that you can add to your desktop.

    9. Text Clock 1.2 Rainmeter Skin

    Text Clock 1.2 Rainmeter Skin

    As the name suggests, this rainmeter has a clock that displays time in text format. You will not see an analog clock, digital clock, or any other type of clock, except for text which tells you time.

    10. Caruso Clock Rainmeter Skin

    Caruso Clock Rainmeter Skin

    It is a minimal skin with a small clock widget, that you can place anywhere on your desktop. Moreover, there are six different colors available for the clock, and you can change the color of the clock by clicking on the center of the clock.

    11. Dresses Rainmeter Skin

    Dresses Rainmeter Skin

    The next skin that you can go for is the Dresses Rainmeter skin. This is a minimalist skin with a clock widget that shows the ‘It is’ tag before the time.

    12. Roman Style Clock Skin

    Roman Style Clock Skin

    Roman Style Clock skin will allow users to set the Roman clock on their desktop as it has a clock widget with Roman numbers. However, you can choose various clock styles and set them on your desktop. With this screen, you can turn the desktop environment to ancient roman times.

    13. Psycho Rainmeter Skin

    Psycho Rainmeter Skin

    This is a cool-looking skin that you can set on your desktop. The clock resembles a planet, whereas the clock’s hands are the shape of a sword and knife. The hour hand is shaped like a cleaver, the mine hand resembles a carving knife, whereas the second hand is the shape of the sword.

    14. Cronotop Rainmeter Clock Skin 

    Cronotop Rainmeter Clock Skin

    This skin has a clock widget with the dial filling as the time goes. Two dials represent minutes and hours, and as the minutes and hours pass by, the dial starts filling. Moreover, the skin also shows the date, day, and year.

    15. PriceDown Rainmeter Skin

    PriceDown Rainmeter Skin

    This is yet another popular rainmeter skin that you can use. This skin has a simple clock that is available in every language. You can set the clock in your language, and you will be able to track time and date in your language. Moreover, you can also choose between 12-hour clock format and 24-hour clock format.

    16. Accent Clock Rainmeter Skin

    Accent Clock Rainmeter Skin

    You can select the background for the clock widget, and also get the clock design matching the background. Not only does it shows you time, but you can keep track of date and day as well.

    17. Simplistic Clock Rainmeter Skin

    Simplistic Clock Rainmeter Skin

    This clock skin has a clean and simple interface. You get nothing else except a simple clock and a colored background. You can customize the clock in either of the two colors- black and white.

    18. ASTROClock Rainmeter Skin

    ASTROClock Rainmeter Skin

    As the name suggests, this rainmeter skin shows you not only time but also the time of sunset and sunrise in your area. Moreover, you can also get information about where the sun and mood currently are. You can customize the size of the clock widget as you want.

    19. Constellation Skin For Rainmeter

    Constellation Skin For Rainmeter

    This skin has a clock widget in the form of a constellation. A clock that always forms a triangle by connecting the dots for seconds, minutes, and hours. It’s very customizable and there are countless “clockstallations” possible

    20. Android Pie Style Rainmeter Clock

    Android Pie Style Rainmeter Clock

    As the name suggests, this theme has an Android Style clock. The clock widget represents the digital clock widget like that of an Android phone. Apart from that, the theme has essential widgets, which users can use if they want to.

    21. Arc Clock Skin For Rainmeter

    Arc Clock Skin For Rainmeter

    This skin has an analog clock design in the shape of two arcs combined to form a circle. The clock is made up of various arcs, which surely is the center of attraction of the whole theme. The theme has other widgets which one can prefer using and customizing at their ease.

    22. Atome Rainmeter Skin

    Atome Rainmeter skin

    The focus of this whole theme is towards the clock widget which is made to look like an atom. The main attraction of the theme is the clock, however, there are other widgets as well, which are designed to match the feel of the skin.

    23. PolyClock 1.0 For Rainmeter

    PolyClock 1.0 For Rainmeter

    The very next theme we have is the PolyClock 1.0 for Rainmeter. The skin has various widgets that can be customized as per the liking of the users. It does offer widgets including the minimal clock design, CPU usage, and monitoring, location, app drawer, and various others.

    These are various Rainmeter clock skins worth trying on your desktop. Apart from that, there are various websites available on the internet from where you can download more clock skins, which include DeviantArt ClockVisualSkins, and RainmeterUI.


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