Download Indexer Diagnostics App for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

    Facing issues with Windows Search Indexer in Windows 10? Indexer Diagnostics app is all you need.

    Download Indexer Diagnostics app for Windows 10

    If you’re using Windows 10 on your computer, then sometimes you have noticed that the search index feature is not working properly and fail to index files and programs.

    As of writing this blog post, it was possible to fix the indexing issue using the Search and Indexing troubleshooter which you can find it here; Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot > Search and Indexing, listed under Find and fix other problems on the right side.

    Download Indexer Diagnostics app for Windows 10

    Recently, the company published the Indexer Diagnostics app (in beta) to Microsoft Store, which helps you identify issues and problems with the Windows Search Indexer.

    Once you download, install and launch the app on your computer, it will offer various options which include:

    • Service status
    • Search is not working
    • Is my file indexed
    • What is being indexed
    • Performance
    • Search roots

    Interested users who’re running Windows 10 version 1809 or above can download Indexer Diagnostics app on their computer using the link below:

    Download Indexer Diagnostics app for Windows 10

    Why don’t you try the Indexer Diagnostics app on your computer and let us know in the comments if this app fixes issues related to indexing?

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