5 Best StumbleUpon Alternatives, But Better!

Looking for some of the best StumbleUpon alternatives? The blog post has some of the best sites like StumbleUpon which you will love to try in its absence.

best sites like stumbleupon alternatives
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StumbleUpon is a popular discovery website that let you discover exciting and new web pages, videos, and photos all across the internet.

After serving users for Sixteen years, the co-founder Garret Camp announced that StumbleUpon is shutting down. All the site operations will stop working on June 30, 2018. Before Shutdown this Discovery websites had more than 40 million users and serviced around 60 billion stumbles.

The Best Sites Like StumbleUpon (Alternatives)

There might be users feeling sad about after reading this news, but don’t there are lots of sites like StumbleUpon that users can use to find out exciting pages, similar to StumbleUpon.

So without further delay why don’t you start reading about them:

1. Mix

mix - site like stumbleupon

It is counted as one of the official StumbleUpon alternatives. Garret Camp in the farewell post suggested users try their new platform named as Mix. Even they allow users to import all their StumbleUpon favorites, tags, and the interests.

It is an organized version of the StumbleUpon. The link of best sites are arranged in a single place and showcased in the dashboard depending on your interests. You need to click on the button and link of the site will be added into the collection. The only thing missing in Mix is a feeling of serendipity and randomness.

2. Discuvver

discuvver - stumbleupon alternative

Discuvver is another useful and a site like StumbleUpon about which lots of users are not aware of. The site has StumbleUpon randomness functionality.

Once you visit the site, all you have to do is to click on the button which reads “Take me to a useful website.” This automatically opens the useful website in the new tab randomly. You can click on the same button as many time you want.

Make sure to open the homepage of the website, because you won’t find the same button on the site you opened already.

3. Stumble TV

randomtv - stumbleupon alternative

Stumble.tv is StumbleUpon for YouTube Videos. Using this service you can find out useful and interested videos that won’t find on the YouTube usually.

Site follow StumbleUpon and it entirely random, but you set parameter for what kind of video you want to see. Like you can set how short or long video need to be, minimum and maximum views on the video, and search video via keyword (I avoid using this feature).

Apart from that, you can filter Youtube video via category. There are some other features which you can use.

4. URL Roulette

similar website like stumbleupon

URL Roulette is another Random site discovery site. In case, you’re feeling bored I suggest you visit this site, I bet you will thanks me later. It is Give a Link, Get a Link service.

Here is how it works:

  1. You need to visit URL Roulette
  2. After that, you need to paste the URL of the site which you think is useful.
  3. Once done, this will instantly redirect you to the similar site submitted by another user just like you did.

You need to keep pasting the URL of the useful links to find some useful links in return.

In case, you want to check more links at once, then you can sign up for their newsletter, or you can click on the link which reads “the latest issue” for the top best sites submitted by users.

Note: Sometimes you might be redirected to a website whose native language is not English. So in this situation either you Google Translate feature.

5. /r/InterestingAsF***

reddit iaf - alternative to stumbleupon

Frankly speaking, this subreddit on the Reddit is the best alternative to StumbleUpon, or you can count it the best successor. This Subreddit sound explicit, but don’t worry. The content on this subreddit is highly moderated and post with adult material as marked as NSFW (Not Safe for Work )

The IAF community on the Reddit share all kinds of stuff like videos, gifs, images, blog posts, or even the whole site. I bet collection on this subreddit is unique, and you will find it useful. Also, I would like to thanks the moderators who’re doing a great job of picking up quality posts.

Unfortunately, there is no Stumble button on this subreddit, but it is okay. The main motto here is to find useful and interesting stuff.

That’s it!

Try out

StumbleUpon is a useful site with a unique concept. Even it is difficult to find a replica of the site, but still, you can try these sites may be you find your best StumbleUpon alternative.

I hope you find my this blog post on the best sites like StumbleUpon useful. You can share your favorite alternative to Stumbleupon on the comments.

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