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How to Use Firefox Monitor – Explained

Want to know if your credentials are compromised? Try Firefox Monitor, the new security tool from Mozilla. Mozilla recently unveiled its new security tool named as Firefox Monitor. This helps users find out...

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in Firefox

Want to add an extra layer of security in Firefox browser? Better Set up two-factor authentication in Firefox. The post will take you through the steps. With all the craziness happening in all...

Explained: Firefox Connection is Not Secure Error

Firefox connection is not secure is one of the well-known issues faced by the users. In this post, you will find why you're seeing this error. Firefox is one of the best and...

How to Enable Dark Theme for Firefox – Official Way

Firefox dark theme is this what you want? The following article has detailed instructions on how to enable the dark theme for the Firefox browser. Firefox is one of favorite modern browser available...

Customize Mozilla Firefox Start Page [Five Ways]

Want to brighten up the start page of Firefox browser? The following post has different ways on how to customize Mozilla Firefox Start Page. Once you download Mozilla Firefox and complete the installation on...

Download Mozilla Firefox Offline Installer 64 bit and 32 bit

The following article will show you instructions on how to download Mozilla Firefox offline installer 64-bit and 32-bit architecture. Firefox is a favorite web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation. It is a free...
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