Protect & Prevent your all devices with Bitdefender Total Security Tool

    When it comes to protection, virus, and malware removal tool Bitdefender has a reputable name in the market. Bitdefender’s Total Security is able to provide the best protection against infections than any other cybersecurity tool.

    Moreover, it has the lowest impact on your system performance than the rest of the other tools.


    An Invincible threat detection to prevent your devices from any kind of sophisticated malware, multi-layer Ransomware protection with minimal speed impact on your device performance including an advanced parental control to keep your kids safe and protected all of this is Bitdefender can do.

    Not just this, But Bitdefender is a multi-device security solution for all your devices as its compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, & Mac OS.

    Features for Windows

    Bitdefender provides complete protection for all windows laptops which includes several exciting features like full data protection in real-time from malware, virus, rootkits, network threat prevention, and also capable to defend your system from advanced threats.

    If you don’t know about ransomware then you should read about that too. Bitdefender also featured multilayered ransomware protection along that provides vulnerability assessment and provides complete prevention from web attacks, anti-phishing, anti-fraud, and anti-spam.

    Also, the Bitdefender developer did an amazing job to develop this tool that will minimally impact your system performance, not like other tools. Bitdefender Photon technology made it possible to make this tool adaptive as per your hardware and software configuration in order to speed up performance and your system.


    Bitdefender has an optimizer feature which lets you speed up and optimize your all system with just one click. They also take your online privacy seriously in term to secure your personal information and privacy they added many more features such as Bitdefender VPN, Anti Tracker which block all trackers that are trying to track your all data, microphone and webcam protection, privacy firewall, parental control and also added a password manager.

    Features in Mac OS

    For Mac OS, Bitdefender provides safety to your all personal and confidential files by preventing them from any kind of unauthorized changes, whatever files or folder you want to keep safe just add them to Bitdefender guard then the only trustable application can access those files or folders.

    Their Time Machine Protection feature makes a backup of you all files with a sophisticated encryption layer to prevent you and your files from ransomware. If that might happen you can just get your all files back by restoring the backup without paying a penny.

    Also, they have included adware blocker, cross-platform malware protection, anti-phishing, and Bitdefender shield which is able to detect and remove any kind of threat without affecting your system speed.

    For Mac system Bitdefender has a browser extension named Traffic light, responsible for scan all links before opening, so you can never access any harmful page unknowingly.

    Features of iOS

    Provide safety and prevention with their multi-layered protection against all kinds of threats to all iOS phones and iPad. While browsing their antiphishing system scan each page before opening and warn the users if that detects anything unusual. Not just phishing, but they also check for all kinds of online dangers what a user can have.

    Its account privacy feature lets you check if your phone ever breached whenever it detects your sensitive data is at risk it will show you a warning so that you can take action accordingly in order to prevent your data.

    Features of Android

    Designed in a way that it will not eat up your battery in fact it will help you to save your battery with its efficient power management, also it will help your device to perform better. Scanning is ultrafast and light that it would not give any negative effect on your android device performance also.

    Along with that, Bitdefender’s total security has many features for all android powered devices also such as on-demand and on-install scans, web protection against any harmful and fraudulent pages, antiphishing, anti-theft which let the user lock their phone remotely and erase all phone data in case someone stole it. Also included an app lock for your device which gives more safety to your device.

    As we discussed above, Bitdefender is loaded with tons of interesting features and tools to make your device safer and protect against threats which makes it worthful to buy.

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