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How to Use a Custom Background in Skype Video Calls

How to Set custom background in Skype video calls

Skype v8.59 brings custom backgrounds for video calls. In this blog post, learn how to use the feature. Microsoft recently rolled a new update for Skype that adds the most awaited custom background feature to people all across the globe. With the help of this feature users can set custom background in video calls. To

How to Directly Delete Contacts from Contact List in Skype

How to Directly Delete Contacts from Contact List in Skype

The following blog post has instructions on how to delete contacts from contacts list directly from Skype. Microsoft recently rolled out the latest version of Skype for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Web i.e. Skype v8.57.0.116. It comes with bug fixes and stability improvements accompanied by a most awaited feature. The new feature let users delete

How to Change Skype Username and Display Name – Explained

how to change skype username and display name

Not happy with the current Skype username and display name? The following post has an answer to the question, i.e., how to change Skype username and Display name. Skype is a popular telecommunications service that lets you make voice calls and video chats in between computers, mobile and tablets over the internet. The people all across