VideoProc – Best Video Editing Software for 4k and HD Videos

    Editing videos has become a skill and trend in current times. Regular videos do not have any uphold. People really look into some effects, quick lighting corrections, and clarity, right?


    Last summer, I went out with my friends on a trip. We captured several clips and wanted to make a memorable video. But it was really hectic for me to edit it. One of the reasons behind this nagging feeling was the complication of various software I used. Frankly, I am not a technical guy, and really want to ease things when it comes to editing or such.

    Many people including me usually go-to online tools for editing videos hoping for good output and the biggest benefit of doing so is ‘saving time’. Online video editing tools may really pace up the work for short videos, features like adding effects are inclusive but in the limit. The majority gives preference to online tools, but is it really a good choice? As I said, hoping for the fast and efficient results is a natural instinct.

    But, what about privacy? Online video tools may compromise our privacy and even end up slashing. Another drawback that I feel using online tools is ‘been online‘ itself. Editing videos should be handy as per the availability.

    After many suggestions and trying several software, I got the idle one. Amateur like me needs a handy and easy User-Interface software, VideoProc is the right choice. Honestly, it is really easy to use.


    Their tag line defines their software i.e., ‘One-Stop Video Editing Software‘. The main reason to use VideoProc is, It is really easy-to-use. Trust me when I say because I could manage to make a beautiful video been a total beginner to Video Editing. Their online tips and guides such as Merging Videos for Free made it really easy for me to edit smaller clips and merge them into a perfect length video.

    Many other features that they provide are:

    • Cut and Merge.
    • Cropping video as your comfort.
    • Adding Subtitles or Text to video.
    • Movement of video including rotation.
    • Special effects to give a touch to the video of glimpse.

    Combining as many videos as you want with no file size limitation, you can add Music to Video. Having a glance at features that they provide is extremely convincing. Unlike other software available either online or application, VideoProc provides a free trial of service. If you edit videos very often and love doing it, then we recommend you to the Paid version which is available at a very reasonable price for a lifetime.

    Summing up, VideoProc is a complete application for all your video editing needs. Starting from enchaining videos to exporting a perfectly rendered output, it is all on your hand. VideoProc is a Full GPU Accelerated Video Editing Software, which clearly explains why it exports 4K HD videos without compromising quality at a very high speed. Not just it, they also provide a simple and powerful Screen recorder to all users who love to stream games online.

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