How to Enable or Disable Redirect Tracking Protection in Firefox v79 (ETP 2.0)

    Starting with Firefox v79, the company has introduced a new ETP 2.0, which means, Enhanced tracking Protection. They are releasing this feature to protect users from the bounce track.


    Let me explain it to you, Many sites have an issue where users are redirected to various 3rd party sites before they reach the actual one. These redirections are caused by cookies and trackers. In many cases, it ends up harming your device as well.

    Since Redirection trackers work unexpectedly by forcing users, the new Enhanced tracking Protection feature once enabled in Firefox will disallow the redirection trackers to redirect you to third-party sites. ETP will store this information to keep you protected in the future. Firefox 79 will clear the cache (Image and content), HTTP tokens, Cookies, Plugin data, Credential storage, etc…

    Enable or Disable Redirect Tracking Protection in Firefox v79 (ETP 2.0)

    As of writing this blog post, the company is rolling out Redirect Tracker Blocking feature in Firefox. In case, you don’t want to wait for the feature reach your browser, then you can enable it right now in Firefox v79.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Open Firefox browser and search for about:config in the URL bar.

    On the next page, click on the Accept the risk and continue button.

    Now, in the search bar search for ‘privacy.purge_trackers.enabled‘. You will find an option appearing.

    how to enable Enhanced tracking Protection in firefox v79

    Check if it is enable or not (True – Enabled; False – Disabled).

    Finally double click on the option to change the Preference.

    The only drawback of this feature is, if a site requires a redirection path through navigation, the new ETP will block the outgoing connection. As explained, the redirect tracker blocker feature (RTB) will understand the site complexity by the amount of time and actions you perform on a particular site. If the site needs redirection and you spend a fair amount of time, the ETP 2.0 will note the site information to avoid any cautious message in the future. This data will be trashed after 45 days instead of on a daily basis.

    This feature is bliss for users who are tired of unwanted redirection and few may find the ‘caution message’ avoidable. Comment below and tell us about your opinion on ‘Redirect Tracker Blocker Feature’. We hope that the above steps helped you to select your preference for the update.

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