Firefox Proton UI gets its own Dark Theme ‘Proton Dark’

Mozilla is working on its new visual refresh called Firefox Proton, it will bring modern look to the browser. The Proton UI will change the look of various parts of the browser like App menu, New Tab page, and even more.

With the latest version of Firefox Nightly users can text Proton UI. Since the new visual refresh is under development, so you need to enable Proton UI for various parts of the core browser experience one by one.

With March Update for Firefox Proton UI, Mozilla introduced a new dark theme called Proton Dark. It is a replica of the current dark theme, but will receive optical adjustments in the coming weeks before it becomes the regular dark theme at the end of the design development.

Enable Proton Dark theme in Firefox

As of writing this blog post, enabling Proton Dark theme does nothing. In case, you want to learn steps on how to enable it, then here’s how you can do that:

Make sure, you’re running the latest version of Firefox Nightly and Firefox Proton UI is enabled.

Next, you need to App menu (hamburger) icon and select Extension and themes from the menu.

firefox proton extension and themes

Here, on the right side under Manager your theme section, you will find new theme called Proton Dark (At the bottom of the list).

Alternatively, you can reach here by visiting this address: about:addons or using CTRL + SHIFT + A keyboard shortcut.

proton dark theme

Click on the Enable button and Proton Dark theme will be applied immediately.

As simple as that!

In case, you want to disable Proton Dark theme in Firefox, then process is same. You just need to click on the Disable button at same location.

With Firefox Proton UI, Mozilla is also changing steps to enable or disable light, dark or default theme. Following steps discussed above, you can not only set Proton Dark, but other themes that Mozilla offer out of the box.

Whenever we get more information about visual adjustments in Proton Dark theme, we will update it in this post.

Why don’t you try Firefox Proton Theme and let us know if you noticed any change.

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