How to Share Spotify Playlist – 2021

    Looking for a way on how to share Spotify playlist on Instagram, Facebook, and other social networking site? The blog post will guide you steps on that.

    share spotify playlist

    Spotify playlist comes handy when you want to keep your favorite songs at one place. Creating a playlist on Spotify is a two tap procedure.

    Sometimes might want to share Spotify playlist which you have created or from other users on Instagram, Facebook and other social networking platforms.

    How to Share Spotify Playlist

    Fortunately, this popular music streaming service made it easier for users to share playlists. Let’s learn in this blog post how to share playlists on Spotify


    1. Launch Spotify app on your computer and head over to the playlist which you want to share with you friend.

    2. Next, click on the More (…) icon available next to the Play button. From the menu select Share.

    share spotify playlist from desktop app

    You will be presented a list of social networking apps, click the one where you want to share your favorite Spotify playlist. You can also select “Copy Playlist link” to share the playlist directly.

    Share Single Song from Playlist

    In case, you want to share a particular song from the Playlist then, over the cursor over the song and then click on More icon and follow the similar steps to share it on social media.

    Share particular song from spotify playlist

    Share your Spotify Playlist

    The procedure to share Spotify playlist curated by the you also same. To find your playlists:

    On the left-hand side, you need to scroll down to the Playlist section. Here you will find the list of all the playlists which you have created.

    share your spotify playlist

    Click on the particular playlist. This will open it in the playlist mode. Here following the same procedure share it with

    Web Player

    Instead of offering various sharing options, the Spotify Web Player only let users copy playlist link which they can share with their friends using any mode of choice.

    copy playlist link in spotify web player

    To copy the Spotify Playlist link, you need to open the playlist which you want to share and then click on the More icon next to “Save to Your Library” option.

    From the context menu select ‘Copy Playlist link‘ and share the link with your friends.

    Android & iOS App

    Launch Spotify app on your Android and iOS device.

    Next, head over the Spotify playlist which you want to share.

    Here tap on the More icon available on the upper right corner. From the menu tap on Share.

    share spotify playlist android

    At last, select where you want to share Spotify Playlist. With default settings, you can share it on WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, Facebook, Messenger.

    You also find the option to share the playlist via SMS accompanied option to copy the playlist link.

    That’s it!

    So this is how to share Spotify Playlist. Find this blog post handy? Let us know your opinion in the comment.

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    1. Thank you!
      I’ve been trying to do this on the Spotify “web player”, now i understand why i can’t find the share to Facebook, Twitter etc..

      I guess copying the link and pasting it in places is simple, but would have been cooler to do it in 1 click.
      Hey ho, lets get sharing 🙂

      Thanks again 😉

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