How to Switch from Dev to Beta Channel in Windows 11

    Windows 11 was previously available for insiders in the Dev channel only. After doing weeks of testing, the company has finally released the Beta version, which is more stable and dependable. So, if you are already on the Dev channel and want to switch to the Windows 11 Beta build, then this blog post is dedicated to you.

    Still, before learning steps on how to switch from Windows 11 Dev to Beta channel, it is very important to understand the difference between both the channels on Windows 11.

    Understanding the key difference between Beta channel and Dev channel on Windows 11

    Beginning with Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a Windows 10 Insider program, and early adopters who have enrolled in this program receive updates in three different channels Dev Channel, Beta Channel, and Release Preview Channel.

    Users can opt for one channel depending on their requirements. Let’s learn more about these channels:

    • Dev channel is largely technical so must be used by people who are confident enough about their capabilities in this context. Using this channel, you can easily test out all the recently released Microsoft’s features and upgrades.
    • Beta Channel, on the contrary, is suitable for people who are interesting in trying out new features and improvements but don’t want to be bombarded with updates every day.

    Since Windows 11 is not officially available and is under development, there is not Release Preview channel available as of now.

    If you made up to this line, then it is highly possible that you’re aware of what these different release channels are about, right?

    Previously, Microsoft was releasing updates for Windows 11 in the Dev channel due to this reason users who want to try Windows 11 before anyone else left with no choice, but to use install the unstable build i.e. available in the Dev channel.

    Now that the first build of Windows 11 in the Beta channel is available, it is wise to switch from Dev to Beta channel so that you can enjoy a better experience.

    How to Switch from Dev to Beta Channel in Windows 11

    Fortunately, it is very easy to switch from Windows 11 Dev to the Beta channel. In case, you have already made up your mind, then here’s you can do that:

    Press WIN + I key combo to launch the Settings app in Windows 11. Alternately, you can search for the Setting app by clicking the Find icon available on the Taskbar.

    Windows Insider Program settings in Windows 11

    Switch to the Windows Update tab available on the left side.

    On the right side, select Windows Insider Program options. Doing this will take you dedicated settings page where you will find all the options related to Windows 11 insider program.

    Choose your insider settings in Windows 11

    Head over to Choose your insider settings and click on it to unlock more options. Here, select Beta Channel (Recommended) from the list.

    Windows 11 Beta channel recommended

    To apply the changes, you need to reboot your computer.

    From now onwards, you will only receive Windows 11 updates when it’s available in Beta Channel.

    At any point, you want to switch Windows 11 Dev Channel from Beta channel, then follow the same procedure, select Dev.

    We only suggest you select this option, if you want to test the new feature and share your feedback with Microsoft as a dedicated user. Apart from that, only run Windows 11 Dev channel builds in the secondary devices or virtual machines.

    Lots of users reporting that they’re unable to switch between Windows 11 Insider program channels because options to select Beta channel is missing. Check out our post to fix the issue: Fix: Windows 11 Insiders Unable to switch from Dev to Beta channels

    Now that, you have switched from Windows 11 Dev Channel to Beta Channel, there are few points to ponder.

    • The first release in the Beta channel is Windows 11 build 22000.100.
    • There will be fewer problems and difficulties in the Beta build.
    • It is not necessary to reinstall Windows 11 Beta after upgrading from Dev.
    • Microsoft Teams Chat option isn’t available in the Beta channel as of now.

    Both Dev channel and Beta channel come with their own pros and cons. That said, the Dev channel is surely the right option in case you want to test all the latest features and settings in Windows 11. Beta channel, on the other hand, works well if you are looking for more stability.

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