How to Watch Your Disney Favorites Anywhere

    Everybody loves Disney, right? Even the most cold-hearted person will find classic films like Bambi endearing or the ending of Toy Story 3. But it’s not all just animated films; Disney is responsible for some of the best TV shows, cartoons, documentaries, and movies in the world. Especially since it’s bought most of them out.

    How to Watch Your Disney Favorites Anywhere

    With so much Disney content to choose from, it’s always nice when you can watch your favorites whenever you like, wherever you are. Sometimes though, that can prove challenging.

    Disney Here, Disney There

    On its quest to take over the world, Disney is responsible for all the biggest film genres. Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, it won’t be long surely before everything falls under the Disney banner. With a reputation for cool movies and TV shows, though, it’s not all bad. It just means we get even more greatness – more Star Wars films (whether we want them or not), new spin-offs of our favorite characters, exclusive content for Disney+. We can now watch our favorites on our cells, tablets, or Disney+ on computers, thanks to the advancement in streaming services. Well, almost.

    Like other streaming services, there are geographic restrictions in place. That means you can’t necessarily always watch your top Disney shows wherever you are. Or can you? Actually, yes, you can. With the right software in place, you can bypass any restrictions and still gain access to the content you want to watch – all you need is to find the right virtual private network (VPN).

    VPNs to Meet Your Disney Fix

    Imagine going abroad, taking your laptop or tablet with you, and thinking, “at least I’ve got Disney+ installed; I’ll never be bored when it comes to watching something.” And then you find out that when you try to log in… you can’t. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Just error messages telling you that you’re in the wrong location or the service isn’t available in this region.

    disney vpn

    Let’s face it; it’s pretty awesome to have the Disney+ channel on tap but even worse when you can’t get to it. However, if you install a Disney Plus VPN, which specializes in just that, this will never be an issue for you. It works by masking your IP address and hiding it from the internet service provider you use. Instead, when you go online, you can choose a different server from an exchange in a different country or back home. This is what you’ll need if you’re abroad – you simply select one back in the US, login, and you’ll have access to all your Disney favorites.

    As the VPN is installed directly onto your computer or device, it’s with you wherever you go. And you’ll need it when you’re traveling out of the States if you want access to the best shows. When Disney+ was released in the US, it took a while for other countries to follow suit. Even now, it’s still unavailable in a lot of countries, so if you want peace of mind that Disney magic is going to follow you where you go, then all you have to do is make sure you have a VPN installed.

    It also brings a range of other benefits too. The most important one is that a VPN can keep all your personal data secure. This is good if you’re traveling and signing in to various wi-fi hotspots or unstable connections. Imagine all those service providers finding your search history for Disney shows, and imagine the amount of spam that would follow? With a VPN, you just select a US server, log in to your Disney+ account, and enjoy peace of mind that all your information is kept safe and hidden while you enjoy the new Marvel superhero series.

    Another huge advantage of using a VPN is that it doesn’t put limits on your bandwidth speed. Internet service providers are known to ‘throttle’ bandwidth speeds, especially when there are loads of users. They do it at home, especially when you’re abroad and using a hotel wi-fi, for instance. Again, this is where the VPN comes in. As it masks the IP address, you won’t be seen as using up more bandwidth so that you can enjoy fast speeds, and The Simpsons, X-Men, or National Geographic TV channels can be streamed without lag.

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