Fix – Microsoft Edge Isn’t opening in Windows 10 after updating

    Microsoft recently rolled out Edge v90 with lots of new features that include History Search, Kids mode with improvements and fixes. Some users reporting that after updating the browser to the latest version, it won’t launch or open on Windows 10.

    The edge dev team is already aware of this and investigating the issue. It is possible that soon they will roll out the fix to the problem. Fortunately, there’s a quick workaround available at the moment that you can apply to fix the issue.

    Fix -Microsoft Edge won’t launch or open on Windows 10

    Note – The following workaround will Smartscreen for Edge, its a security feature that helps your browser from malicious websites and downloads. We and anyone from Microsoft recommend this solution so try this at your own risk.

    In Start menu search, type Windows Security, when same app appears in results, click to open it.

    Here, click on link that reads Reputation-based protection settings.

    smartscreen for microsoft edge

    At last, turn off the option for Smartscreen for Microsoft Edge.

    After doing this, close everything, and reboot your computer.

    Now, if you try to open Edge browser it will open up flawlessly.

    If you don’t know Smartscreen for Edge is a security feature that helps your browser from malicious websites and downloads.

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