mSpy – Best Spy Apps for iPhone & Android that work

    Choosing a suitable app for your needs can get overwhelming, especially the best phone spy apps due to the numerous options available. Some countless sites and applications try to trick you into using apps that aren’t secure and stable.

    mSpy – Best Spy Apps

    With over one million users, mSpy is one of the best applications for cell phone surveillance. The app’s primary goal is to make parenting super easy. It is beneficial for parents who want to remotely track their child’s phone activity and ensure that they are safe – wherever they are! 

    mSpy - Best Spy Apps for iPhone & Android that work

    All you have to do is install the mSpy app on the target phone, then enable it with your license code, all within 5 minutes. When this is done, the target phone’s information becomes accessible, such as: 

    • messages (all incoming, outgoing, or deleted texts, WhatsApp and other messaging apps);
    • telephone calls;
    • browsing history;
    • and GPS location all from the online portal. 

    mSpy Features

    mSpy is simple to use and has many sophisticated features, including:

    • Keylogger: If your child uses an instant messaging app that mSpy can’t monitor directly, You can still monitor every Keypad stroke. Keylogger logs every user-made Keystroke.
    • No Jailbreak Version: You don’t need to jailbreak your child’s iPhone to spy on it with the mSpy iPhone spy app. 
    • Parental Controls: Use this app as a parental control app on cell phones. It helps parents to block inappropriate websites and incoming calls that are unacceptable. Furthermore, you can monitor which software can be used on your child’s phone and when.

    What to look in Spy apps

    In case, you’re looking for mSpy alternatives, then the good news is that there is a various option available on the internet. Before you pick a phone monitoring app, here are various features you should consider. The features include:

    • Stealth Mode: the best spy app should be able to run in the background, undetected.
    • GPS Tracking: A good spyware app should provide robust GPS tracking (location tracking, surveillance, geofencing).
    • IM Monitoring: The best phone spy apps should enable the ability to monitor chats and media files sent and received on all popular Messenger apps, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage, etc.,
    • Call Recording: The apps should allow phone call recording and should be able to listen in on the environment.

    Best Spy apps (mSpy Alternatives)

    Follow are the Spyware apps for Android and iOS devices that you can try if you don’t like mSpy and looking for its alternatives:

    Highster Mobile

    highest mobile

    Another popular cell phone monitoring app, Highster Mobile, is known for its stealth camera, call recording, and eavesdropping features. It supports all primary spying features ranging from texts and calls monitoring to GPS tracking. If you lose your phone, you will never have to worry about losing valuable information.

    All you need to do is back up all the data of your phone to the secure server. You will be able to access it. However, Highster Mobile does not allow blocking an app, a website, or uninstalling an app on the end user’s phone.



    CatWatchful is another app on our list of best phone spy apps. This is a fantastic app to spy on iOS and Android devices. If you need to keep your child under surveillance 24 hours, then CatWatchful is the app to turn to. It comes with some unique features, such as Social Media Monitoring, GPS tracking (Whatsapp, Facebook, SMS). It enables several phones to be handled at the same time.

    A slight disadvantage of this app is that an anti-virus installed on the target’s device might see the app as malware and block it from working. 



    PhoneSpector is an iPhone and Android mobile phone tracker that also works. GPS location, calls, contacts, media files, internet browser history, and much more can be collected.

    Using PhoneSpector, you can access everything that is on the cell phone now and used to be stored there previously.


    one spy

    TheOneSpy app is another sophisticated spyware app with some advanced features. It is on our list of best phone spy apps because it lets you record phone conversations without bugs.

    Furthermore, it grants you access to the call logs & recording feature—links to time-stamp telephone call records, contact information, and cell phone location. 

    Above, we discussed the best mobile spy apps that are sought after because of their high compatibility, features, and spy app review. So, when it comes to a non-detectable free spy app for Android and iPhone, which one will you choose? For one thing, you should try to pick a spy app that does not require the device to be rooted first.

    This can remove all complexity involved and make tracking easy and efficient. The best of all is mSpy. And that, too, by a considerable margin.

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