Microsoft Edge Setting to Enable Dark Theme gets visual change

Microsoft’s Edge, the Chromium-based Edge browser comes with lots of useful features out of the box. One feature out of them is Dark Theme. Unlike the Classic Microsoft Edge browser, the company’s new Chromium-based Edge browser not only offers the option to enable disable dark and light them, but it also has a System option which when enabled respect system settings.

Update – 23/02/2021 – Starting with Microsoft Edge Canary v90.0.806.0, the company has made visual changes to the Default theme section of the Edge browser settings. In the Stable version of Edge browser, there is a Default Theme drop-down from which users can select System default, Light, and Dark.

enable dark theme in microsoft edge

With the latest Edge Canary version, the company replaced the drop-down with a standard menu item that matches with the recently added Accent color section from where users can set Custom Accent Color to Default Theme in Edge browser.

Enable Dark Theme in Edge Chromium

Although, the steps on how to enable dark mode in Microsoft Edge Chromium remain same. In case, you don’t know how to do that, then here’s what you need to do

1. Launch Microsoft Edge Chromium on your computer.

2. Next, click on the ‘Settings and more‘ (…) icon available on the upper right corner and select Settings.

microsoft edge settings

3. Here on the left side, select Appearance. On the right side, using Drop-down available next to Theme select Dark and this will instantly enable the dark theme in Edge Chromium browser.

select theme in microsoft edge

Following the same procedure, you can enable the light theme in Edge Chromium.

4. In the Theme drop-down, there is a System default option. If you select System default, then the browser will respect System settings.

It means, if you enable dark mode in Windows 10, then the browser will automatically enable a dark theme in Edge Chromium and do the same if you enable the light theme.

You need to head over to Settings > Personalization > Colors. Here choose your mode to Dark.

dark theme microsoft chromium edge

This is how the Microsoft Edge Chromium dark theme looks like:

microsoft edge dark theme

Although the new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium, it is the only browser that offers System option. Even the Chrome browser is not offering the same option. At least as of writing this blog post.

You can also check Youtube video to find out how you can manage Edge Chromium theme settings:

This is how to enable Microsoft Chromium Edge dark theme, find this blog post handy? What are your thoughts about this new browser? Let us know in the comments.

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