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Mozilla added Refresh button in Firefox Uninstall Wizard (Firefox v78)


It is now possible to Refresh Firefox browser from Uninstall Wizard. Let’s learn more about it.

Firefox Refresh feature restores the browser to default state while protecting your important information. It reset the browser preferences by removing various customization which includes themes and extensions.

According to Mozilla, most of the issues related to the Firefox browser are fixed just by refreshing the browser. The process of the Refreshing Firefox browser is super easy.

You need to click on the Firefox menu icon > Help > Troubleshooting information. Here on the right side, click on the Refresh Firefox button twice to complete the process.

Firefox Refresh button in Uninstaller

Start with Firefox v78, the company added a Refresh Firefox button in the Firefox Uninstall Wizard. The purpose of adding this button is it give Refresh feature a try before you uninstall the browser.

Now if you go Settings > Apps > Apps & feature. On the right, select Firefox and click Uninstall. You will see a refresh button within the Uninstaller. Clicking the Refresh Firefox button will start refreshing the browser.

Refresh Firefox from Firefox Uninstall Wizard

What are your thoughts about Mozilla adding Refresh button in Firefox Uninstall Wizard? Did you ever used this feature and find it useful? Let us know in the comments.

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