Windows 10 Calendar (Preview) App is getting a new search feature

    Microsoft announced a new Calendar app earlier this year. From then, they have added various features. In May, the company added setting to enable week numbers to the Preview version of the Calendar app.

    Microsoft recently announced that they will add a new search feature to the Calendar app. With the help of this feature, you will be able to search for events within the Calendar app. You can search past or future events by typing the name, location, words in the description of the event, and people included. The events that match your query appear in the search result.

    It seems like Microsoft is rolling out a new feature to insiders who’re using the Calendar Preview app. The Alumia_Italia on Twitter shared a gif showing feature in action:

    Windows 10 Calendar (Preview) App is getting a new search feature

    Not only Microsoft added a new search feature to the Calendar app, but they have also moved the search bar to the top. Here’s how the new search feature works:

    When you search the event using Calendar app search bar, you will find a list of all the events. Now, if you click on any event that appeared in the search result, it will be displayed on the Calendar.

    Apart from this, you will also get complete information about the event, if there is any.

    We have recently updated the Calendar Preview app to latest version available, unfortunately, we’re not lucky enough to have the feature. Maybe, Microsoft is doing A/B tesing.

    What are your thoughts about this search feature in Calendar app for Windows 10? Are you using Calendar (Preview) app? Do you seeing the same feature? Let us know in the comments.

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