6 Best Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Entirely Private

    Concerned about privacy while surfing the internet? No worries! The blog post has a list of best anonymous web browsers that are entirely private.

    best anonymous web browser

    We should start using Anonymous Browsers instead of the Common browsers. There are many reasons for the average person to think about using secure browsers. Protection of your online privacy with an anonymous browser will make your browsing anonymous, but first, you need to remove your standard browser.

    Since the web browser is the first step to start browsing the web, it is essential to use a more secure browser that cares about your privacy.

    Best Anonymous Web Browsers

    List of the best anonymous browser which you can use for secure browsing will prevent somebody from watching your stuff are given below.

    1. Tor Browser

    Tor-Browser - best anonymous web browser

    Tor is an Open Source Software for secure browsing. It is the most famous and best anonymous browser available. Tor prevents people from learning your location and browsing habits. Tor is a web browser and also used for the instant messaging client.

    2. Epic Privacy Browser

    epic-browser - anonymous browser

    It is the only private and secure browser which blocks trackers, fingerprinting, ads, crypto mining. When you are using the Epic Privacy Browser, it will encrypt your data from your Internet Service Provider, from your country’s Government, and from different data collectors.

    3. Comodo Dragon Browser

    comodo dragon browser - best anonymous web browser

    Comodo Dragon browser a.k.a ICE Dragon Browser will keep your data safe and secured. It will give you unprecedented speed for browsing. It provided various customized plugins and add-ons. Comodo Dragon browser has a very friendly user interface. It provides End Crashes or Frozen Windows. It is available for free.

    4. Yandex Browser

    yandex-browser - best anonymous browser

    The quick and secure browser from Yandex for computers, as well as smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS. The web pages load quickly on slow connections; you are protected from viruses and scammers. The browser also searches faster.

    5. Brave Browser

    brave browser - anonymous web browser

    Brave is a fast anonymous browser which protects your details. The browser with default settings blocks trackers and ads which help you to reduce getting malware, spyware, etc. Brave blocks the software that follows you around.

    6. SRWare Iron Browser

    srware iron browser - best anonymous web browser

    The Browser of the future-based on the Chromium source optimized privacy and security without any problems.SRWare Iron in s free web browser and the implementation of chromium by SRWare of Germany.

    It aims to eliminate usage tracking and other privacy-compromising functionality that the google chrome browser includes.

    What are your thoughts about these anonymous browsers? Are you already using one out of them? Do we forget to include the best anonymous web browser that cares about people’s privacy? Please mention the name of the browser in the comments.

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