Fix – Google Chrome keeps Defaulting to Wrong Language (Three Ways)

    Chrome keeps defaulting to the wrong language, let’s say Russian or Korean? You’re not alone! Let’s learn how to fix the issue.

    Fix - Google Chrome keeps defaulting to the wrong language

    Some users reporting that Chrome browser showing web pages in Russian, Korean, and other languages, even when they have set English as default language. It happening on both Chrome for desktop and mobile.

    To fix this issue these users cleared cache and cookies, restarted browser multiple times, even reset browser to default settings. Unfortunately, nothing works for them. In case, you reading this blog post, then chances are you also facing the same thing.

    Chrome keeps defaulting to the wrong language

    There are lots of ways which you can do to bring back your region language. Let’s start with first method:

    Method One

    On Chrome browser, you need to visit this page: chrome://settings/languages

    Here on this page, click on the first option like shown in the following screenshot. No matter what language it is, its LANGUAGE option, you need to click it.

    Chrome language settings

    Next, you need to click on the blue link highlighted in the following screenshot, it’s called Add languages

    add language

    Add language dialog box will appear. In the search box, you need to type English and it will give you results for English language in different region.

    search and add english language

    Select the language depending on your region. Check the box for language you want to go with. I will go with English (United States) and then click on highlighted button (it means Add) in following screenshot.

    add 1

    Now you know that you have added English US language, still it will appear in Russian language or language you’re seeing at your end. Here, you need to three vertical dots icon for More action.

    Chrome language more action

    In the More action dialog box, you need to check the box for first option, usually it means “Display Google Chrome in this language

    Display Google Chrome in this language

    After that, click on the highlighted (Relaunch) button. Doing this will relaunch the browser and load Chrome browser with English (United States) language.

    relaunch chrome browser after changing language

    No matter what language you’re seeing, if you follow these steps in order, then you will be able to change the language to one of your choice.

    Method Two

    In case, language is set to English but all the search results appear in the different language, then here’s how you can fix it.

    change google search language

    Go to, here you will see a search box and different languages at the bottom of the it. All you have to do is to click on the English link. Doing this will fix the issue.

    Third Method

    Launch Chrome browser and visit, here you need to click on the Pencil icon.

    pencil icon

    Before you follow next step, if you see a message “Some products are NOT using English“, click on the Change all button. Doing this will fix the issue.

    You can keep following steps in upcoming lines, if what suggested above didn’t work for you.

    A Language dialog box will pop-up, here you need to search for English or any other language which you want to set

    search language

    Search for English and select, then you will be presented different region select you want to set and click on Apply button.

    select language

    Doing this will change language in all Google service including Chrome.

    So, these are three different methods which you can try to get rid of wrong Chrome language. Why don’t you try them out and let us know which one worked for you?

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