How to Enable Tab Thumbnail Preview in Chrome v78

how to enable tab preview in chrome

Starting with Chrome v78, the company added lots of experimental features in the Chrome browser. We have already covered about Password Leak Detection Tool in our previous post. In this post, we will cover another handy feature i.e. Tab Preview. A few months ago, the company confirmed that they’re going to add Tab Preview feature

How to Enable Password Leak Detection Tool in Chrome v78

enable password leak detection tool in chrome v78

Google finally rolled out Chrome v78 and we can assume that you have should have updated the Chrome browser to the latest version available. Chrome v78 comes with lots of useful features accompanied by security patches, and bug fixes. Fortunately, there’s a cool feature that is buried inside Chrome v78 and to enable it, users

Fix – Aw, Snap! Crash issue in Chrome v78

Fix - Chrome 78 Aw, Snap. Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage

Google recently rolled out version 78 update for Chrome browser with lots of improvements and new features. As always, every new update not only comes with new features but it also a home for errors and issue. The same in the case of Chrome v78. Starting with Chrome v78 lots of users reporting on Chrome