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Dark Mode for Facebook Android app is near to release


If you’re one waiting for Facebook to release dark mode for its Android app, then there’s good news coming for you. The company testing dark mode with limited users and it’s in the list of upcoming features coming to the Facebook app.

In the last few months, Facebook rolled out dark mode for Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite, and Instagram. The Dark is available available for Facebook for Desktop. But the dark mode is still not available for its main Facebook app. We have been hearing for a long time that the company is working on bringing dark mode, but now it seems like that dark mode for Facebook rollout is near.

You can check following screenshot to get an idea about how dark mode on Facebook app for Android going too look like. Similar to other Facebook owned app, there will be option to select dark, light, and use system wide settings available on Android v10.

facebook android app dark mode
facebook android app dark mode 2

After checking the version of the Facebook app in screenshots featuring home feed, settings pages, and posts, it looks like a dark theme is almost complete. The apps dark mode uses both black and dark gray shades accompanied by companies blue accent color and white color when you enable dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode in Facebook for Android

After Facebook started rolling out dark mode for its Android app, here’s how users can enable it

Launch Facebook app on your Android phone and then tap on the Hamburger icon. From the menu select Dark mode.

And then on the next page, select ON. Instantly dark theme will be applied to Facebook app.

If you’re running Android v10 or above, then you can also select Use System settings. When this feature is enabled, Facebook dark mode is enabled automatically when you enable dark mode system.

Unfortunately, there’s no information when the company going to release the dark mode for the Facebook app, but after checking the screenshots it seems, the release of the feature is near.

Whenever we get more information about Facebook app dark mode, we will update it in the article.

Are you excited that Dark Mode for Facebook Android app is coming? After checking the screenshots, how it looks like? Share your opinion in the comments.

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