How to Enable Dark Theme for Facebook

Looking for a way on how to enable Facebook dark theme? The following post has step by step instructions on how to do that.

how to enable facebook dark theme

Facebook is a number one social networking website which is used by thousands of users daily. The site offers you a platform where you can connect with your friends and loved ones, make chats, share photos and videos, play games and more.

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Due to this reason, more than two billion users access the website every month, and the count is still increasing. Out of these users, some Facebook addicts can’t wait for a second to check what new appear on their timeline.

While in some individual cases, there are users who spent most of the time staring at the screen watching their Facebook timeline in the night time when the room light is turned off. Now, this is not a good idea as the white light reflected from the site background directly hits the eyes causing strain.

To deal with this situation, the popular web services like YouTube, Twitter and Google maps has already introduced the dark mode a.ka. Black mode.

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When the dark theme is enabled, it reduces the strain experienced by the eyes as the light reflection is less in case of the black theme in comparison to light themes. This is the result make the overall experience of using a web service much better.

How to Activate Facebook Dark Theme

In case, you’re the Facebook user highly active at the night time; then it is a good idea to enable dark theme of Facebook.

Officially there is no way to activate Facebook dark mode, as the company has not introduced the dark theme at least of writing this blog post.

If you can’t wait for the official dark theme to be released by the company and want the Facebook dark theme right now, then you need to take help of Chrome extension or Firefox Add-ons.

The following are the instructions on how to do that.

Facebook Dark Mode in Google Chrome and Firefox

1. Download ‘Dark ModeChrome extension or Firefox add-on.

For Chrome Browser: Click on the ‘Add to Chrome‘ button.

dark mode chrome extension

For Firefox Browser -: Click on the ‘Add to Firefox‘ button.

add firefox addon to browser

Now you need to wait until the installation is completed and the dark mode extension icon appears on the top right side of the extension bar.

dark mode extension for chrome icon
For Chrome browser
dark mode addon for firefox
For Firefox browser

3. To enable the dark theme for Facebook, you need to ‘Visit the Facebook website.‘ Once the site loads completely, you need to ‘click on the Dark mode extension icon.’

This will instantly activate the Facebook dark theme. This is how the Facebook looks like when you enable the dark mode:

dark theme for facebook

That’s it!

This is one of the best options to enable dark mode for Facebook with one click.

For Android and iOS device there is no option available to activate dark mode, so you need to wait until the company release the official update.

What are your thoughts on this extension to activate Facebook Dark Theme on Google Chrome and Firefox browser? Let me know in the comments.

5 Replies to “How to Enable Dark Theme for Facebook”

  1. The problem is that “Dark Mode (WebExtension)” is just one out of many, such as “dark-facebook 2” on GitHub…

    The latter homepage has a lazy “Fork me on GitHub” diagonal banner, which has the entire triangle as a link (as opposed to just the strip :)) and that’s besides the last update being from 2015.

    That first one is advertised as “A global dark theme for the web”, instead of just FB and it’s over half-a-meg when unpacked (absolutely huge); so, not even sure *what* to use. 🙂

    1. ^^ And there are more, like what are the advantages /disadvantages? @

  2. I know this is older, but somewhat still relevant …
    Is there any reason you don’t mention or recommend the ‘Stylus’ plugin? There are plenty of great css themes on (I even have quite a few there, though I haven’t made any for FB) and many are updated often to keep up with site styles. And it’s more than easy to use. With Stylus (or older Stylish?) you can theme most sites and there are plenty of great dark themes for most. Someone mentioned ‘dark-facebook 2’ which is primarily on, I didn’t even know it had a GitHub repo (although I should’ve assumed).

    1. I know its a cool program. The only reason I didn’t mention it is that Facebook will soon going to release the dark theme officially and will update the article once it is done:)

      Still thanks for taking your time and suggesting me Stylus plugin 🙂

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