Depositphotos Review: Engaging Stock Audio Files and Where to Find Them

    Businesses can greatly benefit from using music in their marketing materials. You can be a skillful photographer or create stunning videos, but you won’t evoke the right emotion if the perfect track is missing. Images or videos accompanied by viral tracks boost engagement and improve your marketing strategy. However, it’s difficult to find an audio file online because of licensing and copyright.

    DepositPhotos - Download Stock Audio Files

    If you’re looking for royalty-free audio files or sound effects to make your campaigns more engaging, then Depositphotos, a content marketplace with over 210 million stock files, will come in handy.

    What is Depositphotos

    Depositphotos is a commercial platform that was founded in 2009 by Dmitriy Sergeev in Kyiv, Ukraine. Today, it is the third-largest stock content marketplace in the world. Depositphotos specializes in creative solutions and helps beginners and professionals realize their projects. Its library contains not only royalty-free visuals but also video and audio files. You can download a huge range of music and sound effects for videos, games, and other commercial projects.

    Depositphotos search filters

    With advanced search filters and smart algorithms, you can narrow down your search to something specific. There is a special field on the homepage, where you can enter your request.

    If you don’t know what keyword describes your desired audio file, you can listen to All Music and discover tracks by:

    • Genre. This filter will come in handy if you want to quickly find audio files that highlight the theme of your campaign. 
    • Mood. Search for music tracks and audio files that will set the tone for your projects. 
    • Length. You can choose audio files by length, and they can be less than 1 minute or more than 9 minutes long.

    Depositphotos provides author names, which means you can explore more music created by a particular sound artist. After all, if you like one track, there’s a good chance you’ll like the other ones too. Also, you can add music to the ‘favorites’ folder to save it for your future projects. 

    Depositphotos pricing

    Art has a price, even if it is marked as royalty-free. You might be asking yourself, if the music on the website is royalty-free, then why should I pay for it? Royalty-free means that you can use the music without paying royalties on a per-use basis. Depositphotos, on the other hand, pays music artists royalties for the tracks that you use.

    Unlimited subscription plan

    All tracks in one plan. Unlimited downloads.

    $19/mo or $199/yr

    Download packages

    1 track – $39

    5 tracks – $139

    25 tracks – $399

    5 Reasons to buy stock music on Depositphotos

    You can listen to the audio before / without downloading

    Every audio file in the library contains a watermark that sounds like a recorded message. You can listen to it before making a purchase. When you buy the file, the watermark disappears.

    Royalty-free stock music is cheap

    On Depositphotos, you don’t need to pay for any additional licensing fees. You need to purchase a separate subscription to download audio, but it is still cheaper than paying for each track individually. You pay a fixed price and don’t have to worry about other royalties.

    A large selection of audio on various topics

    The Depositphotos library contains music for pretty much any audiovisual project. For instance, if you decide to launch a podcast, you can find everything you need in one place – starting from intros, ending with background sounds.

    Legally download files

    You can use downloaded content in ads, site interfaces, branding presentations, and more. Stock authors sign a licensing agreement and profit from each downloaded track. Your brand content won’t be banned on any platform, because everything is legal. 

    Your brand will speak for itself

    Music can impact an audience. When working on a project, you want to find fitting tracks that aid in delivering your message. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a project that doesn’t evoke any emotion in viewers. To avoid this, search for stock music by keyword, genre, mood, and length, explore contributor portfolios and add audio files to your ‘favorites’ folder.


    Audio is important for companies that want to stay competitive and interesting. You can read more about the effectiveness of stock music in this Visual Trends Report. You don’t need to be a music guru to create entertaining content. Just find legal sources that ensure you’re safe when it comes to selecting royalty-free music. We hope that this review was helpful. 

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