Download Opera GX, New browser dedicated to gamers

Opera has just launched Opera GX, a new browser entirely dedicated to gamers. Find the download link at the bottom of the article.

Download Opera GX, New browser dedicated to gamers

On stage at E3 2019 Opera officially announced the availability of the new Opera GX. It is a special version of the Opera browser dedicated to the gamers. The browser includes various unique features that help you get most out of browsing and gaming.

Opera GX features:

  • Twitch integration – Follow your favorite channels
  • GX Control – limit the browser’s CPU and RAM usage
  • GX Corner – latest gaming news and deals
  • GX design – advanced customization and gaming hardware support
  • Video pop out – watch video on top of other tabs and applications
  • SFX – game-inspired sound effects

Apart from it, it also provides theme customization and other features of the Opera browser.

You can also check the following intro video:

To know more about the feature, you can visit this page to get detailed information about the features of Opera GX.

Download Opera GX

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