How to Download APK File of Android App from Google Play Store

    Looking for the most comfortable way on how to download apk from Google Play Store? The following blog post will guide you the steps.

    How to Download Apk from Google Play Store using Evozi APK Downloader

    Android apps available on the Google Play store are packaged as apk file. Using the File Manager users can move these apk files from PC to Android Phone. After that, you need to tap on the .apk file to perform the installation or sideload, the same app on the phone.

    Now you might be wondering, why to install the Android app using apk file if you can easily install it from Google Play store. Right?

    There are several reasons why users need to take help of .apk files to install the corresponding app on their phone:


    Sometimes Google Play store doesn’t let you download particular app or game due to incompatibility; even you know that the app will work fine after the installation.

    Country Restriction

    Sometimes, a particular app is not available in your country or region. For example, Spotify, Pandora, and others.

    Install App on Another Android device

    Sometimes the application is listed in the play store, but you wish to install it on another Android device like Kindle tablet from Amazon, but the same device doesn’t have its play store.

    How to Download APK from Google Play Store

    There are lots of ways using which you can download apk from Google Play store. In the upcoming line, you will read about online apk downloader which I think offer the easiest way to download .apk file of Android app.

    Note: Steps discussed in upcoming lines is against Google’s TOS, as it has steps that access Google Play store. In laymen, the following apk downloader offers you different interface other than provided by the Google.

    Apk Downloader from Evozi offers users one-click download interface to download .apk files of the Andoird app. Here is how you can get started

    1. First of all, you need to visit the official webpage of Evozi Apk Downloader.

    2. Here, in the space provided, you need to either enter the App Package name or Google Play URL of the Android app or game, then click on Generate Download Link.

    generate download link0 evozi apk downloader

    This online apk downloader will start fetching the apk file of the corresponding app from the Google Play store.

    download apk file of android app from google play store

    Once the fetching process completes, the apk download app will show you information about the Android app like:

    • Package Name
    • File Size
    • QR Code
    • MD5 File Hash
    • Last Fetched
    • Version

    Apart from that, it will give you a direct link to download the .apk file of the request Android app or games.

    Since this online apk downloader app is fetching the apk file from Google Play store, so there is no chance of getting the infected apk file.

    Also, keeping the app privacy in mind, the APK downloader from Evozi let users download only the free apps and games and not the paid apps.

    Other Trusted Sources to Download Free Android Apps Apk

    There are lots of sites available on the internet that let you download apk file of free Android apps and games. But APK Mirror and APKPure are two most trusted that you can use to download apk files if Evozi APK downloader is not working for you.

    That’s all in my blog post on how to download APK file from Google Play Store. Find the APK Downloader mentioned in this blog post useful? What are the other methods which you’re using to download apk files? I would love to read about them in the comments.

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