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Download Microsoft Sudoku Game for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store


Microsoft Sudoku game for Windows 10 is finally available for download on Microsoft Store. Earlier the app was available for the insider, but starting today it is available for people all across the globe.

Microsoft Sudoku brings the classic logic puzzle game back to life. The refined version comes with fresh colors, amazingly news features, daily challenges, new difficulty levels, achievements, and even more. With this game, you can keep your mind sharp by solving hundreds of puzzles available for all ages.

  • Classic Puzzles comes with 6 difficulty levels
  • Offer four different themes
  • Offer three different modes Classic, Irregular, and Ice Breaker game mode
  • Test your skill level with daily challenges. With three unique puzzles, you can win badges and collect coins in each mode.

If you’re a fan of Sudoku games, then you can download Microsoft Store on your device using the link discussed below:

Download Microsoft Sudoku from Microsoft Store

After you grab the game sign in using Microsoft account and start tracking your achievement in Xbox app across all devices.

Are you going to download the Microsoft Sudoku game on your device? If you downloaded already how’s your experience? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks, Alumia for the tips

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