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Microsoft Edge v86 gets a new Download UI


Starting with the Microsoft Edge v86, the company introduced a new download UI. The refreshed download UI got a new download file pop-up dialog with additional options which include Open, Save, and Save as options.

From now onwards, whenever you start downloading a file, the browser will show you three options which include open, save or save as and you need to select the appropriate option before you start downloading the file.

Remember the Internet Explorer Download UI? The Edge New Download UI is pretty much inspired by that. Also, the Chrome browser already offers users similar options.

The Current Edge Download UI looks like this:

Microsoft Edge old download UI

Here’s how the Edge New Download UI looks like:

Microsoft Edge New Download UI

The refreshed Download UI in the latest version of Edge Canary shows additional buttons in the download menu. From the menu, users can quickly select whether they want to Save as or Open option.

While, if you click on the Ellipse (…) icon then you will find option Save and Cancel.

  • Open – Will open the file once download completes
  • Save – Let you save the file to Edge browser default download folder i.e. c:\user\username\downloads
  • Save as – You can rename the file and change file download location before downloading the file.
  • Cancel – You can cancel the file you’re downloading

New Download UI in the Edge browser is available in the latest version of the Edge browser and enabled with default settings. In case, it’s not enabled, then here’s you can enable it:

Launch Edge browser and then click on the Ellipse (…), select Setting.

On the left side, you need to switch to the Downloads tab. On the right side, you need to turn on “Ask me what to do with each download“.

Ask me what to do with each download setting in microsoft edge

Alternatively, you can directly reach this page by going to edge://settings/downloads

If you’re lucky to get the refresh download UI, then let us know your opinion about it in the comments.

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