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Microsoft Edge gets Project Robin feature

Enable and Use Project Robin in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft keeps testing a new feature in the canary channel before adding it to the stable version. Starting with Edge Canary build 91.0.855.0, the company added a mysterious feature called Project Robin. The feature is available behind the flags and its description reads “If enabled, Project Robin features are enabled.” The information is insufficient to

Microsoft Edge let you Disable Tab Fading feature

Microsoft Edge let you Disable Tab Fading feature

Microsoft recently introduced a cool “Sleeping Tabs” feature that helps to save the hardware resources from being wasted on unused browser tabs. With latest build, the company rolled out another feature associated with Sleeping tabs called Tab Fading. So what is Tab Fading feature in Microsoft Edge? The feature when enabled adds a fading effect

How to Show or Hide Assistance Home Button in Microsoft Edge Toolbar

How to Show or Hide Assistance Home button in toolbar of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft introduced a new Assistance feature in the Edge Canary build 91.0.848.0. The Assistance feature in Edge browser will suggestion various settings to take most of the browser. Assistance Home in Edge browser will give users information about what new features and settings the company introduced accompanied by announcements. Apart from that, will show you quick