Fix – Microsoft Teams Call Queues not working

    Cloud Call Queues feature not working in Microsoft Teams? Fret not! There’s quick workaround using which you can fix the issue.

    Fix - Microsoft Teams Call Queues not working

    Teams is great collaboration tool that offer various handy features and one out of them is Cloud Call Queues. The feature accepts calls from customers and greet them with a message, while keeping the calls in waiting queue looking for agents who’re going to answer their call.

    Apart from this, it also offers:

    • Music while callers are waiting on hold
    • Customized settings for call queue maximum size, timeout, and call handling options

    Microsoft Teams Call Queues not working

    There could be different reason why Call Queues feature not working in Microsoft Teams. One of the possible reasons could be absence of Direct Routing numbers, the number assigned to Call Queues. Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing play vital role in proper functioning of Call Queues feature. It enables users to connect their on-premises telephony infrastructure to Microsoft Teams.

    Before doing anything else, it is important to check if direct routing is configured perfectly. Check official steps discussed below to find out if you did everything right:

    1. Connect the SBC with Microsoft Phone System and validate the connection
    2. Enable users for Direct Routing, voice, and voicemail
    3. Configure voice routing
    4. Translate numbers to an alternate format

    You can check out Microsoft Docs for detailed instructions. If you have configured it right, then try other method.

    It could be possible that Microsoft Teams is not up to date. Microsoft is frequently rolling out latest updates having new features, bug fixes, and patches. So, it possible that you’re using the outdated version. Try to stay on the latest version of app on both desktop and mobile.

    For that, click Profile picture icon and then select Check for updates. The app will check for the update in the background, it available download and install the update.

    With the help of these two methods, it is possible that you can resolve Microsoft Teams Call Queues not working. Do you know other method which helps you in fixing the issue, then let us know in the comments?

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