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(Preview) Messenger Room, Facebook’s New Feature to Complete with Microsoft Teams and Zoom


Facebook is working on new service called Messenger Room, to complete with Microsoft’s Teams and Zoom.

Previously we shared a Messenger Video app and Updated Messenger Desktop app for Windows 10. Today we’re going to share with preview of Messenger Room that emulates feature of Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Messenger Room

Messenger Room is new feature using which users can create virtual room for meetings within Messenger with a simple click from the main menu. Some of the features which you can do after creating room are as follow:

  • Add new people to the room
  • Turn video on or off
  • Share your screen: 
  • Change audio-video-shortcut settings

After creating a room, all you have to do is to share the link with your friend, and the good thing is that their no compulsion of having a Facebook account to join the room. You can check following screenshot for checking Messenger room in action:

Apart from this, you can turn on or off video, share your screen with meeting member. There are various audio video settings which you can manage.

Currently the browser that support Messenger Room feature is Google Chrome, and it’s not working on Microsoft Edge.

At the moment, Messenger Room feature is under testing phase and once it stable enough for using. The feature will be soon rolled out in the beta version of Messenger, available on the Microsoft Store.

What do you think of Messenger Room? Do you think it is going to be great alternative to Facebook Teams and Zoom? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

Thanks, ALumia_Italia for the tip

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