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Notepad is missing in Windows 10 v2004 after installing KB4566866/KB4565503 CU


Microsoft recently rolled out KB4566866 Cumulative Update build 19041.330 version 2004. Its next features update for Windows 10 version 20H2 which is set to release the second half of the year. The 20H2 feature update will come with lots of useful features accompanied by new features to its Chromium-based Edge browser.

After installing this update users reporting that Notepad is missing and no longer available in the Windows Accessories section. Even I personally observed the same thing after installing the update.

On 14 July 2020 Microsoft KB4565503 (OS Build 19041.388) and now users again reporting that the Notepad app is gone. And if you made up to this blog post, then chances are that you’re one of them.

Actually its obvious move. Earlier Microsoft made Notepad an optional feature and users can uninstall it if they want. Also, Windows Notepad separate app is also available on Microsoft Store and users running Windows 10 build 19542 can install it.

Fix – Notepad is missing in Windows 10 V2004 (CU KB4566866/KB4565503)

Why Notepad is missing in Windows 10. As expected, With the latest update Microsoft made Notepad optional feature and it is disabled out of the box. Users who want to use Notepad have to enable it manually to start using it.

If you’re running Windows 10 v20H2 build 19042.330 and Notepad is missing them here’s you can get it back:

In the Start menu search box type ‘Add an Optional feature‘ and when it appears in the search results, click to open it.

Here, click on the ‘Add a feature‘ button. “Add an optional feature“, search dialog will open up showing a list of all the features.

Notepad installed in windows 10

Look for Notepad, check the box for same and then click on the Install button.

Wait for few seconds and let the installation complete.

Instantly, Notepad will start appearing in the Start menu. You need to reset your computer, for bringing it back.

Is Notepad missing on your Windows 10 PC? After doing what its Notepad disappear? Does the solution suggested in this post fixed the issue? Let us know in the comments.

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