Notepad is now available for download on Microsoft Store as a Standalone App

    With Windows 10 20H1, Microsoft decided to remove Notepad from the operating system and turn it into a standalone application. It is available for download on Microsoft Store.

    Download Windows Notepad app from Microsoft Store

    Notepad is a simple text editor developed by Microsoft. It is a part of each Windows OS developed by the company so far including Windows 10. But Starting with Windows 10 20H1, Microsoft decided to include this classic text editor into a list of optional features accompanied by Paint and WordPad.

    This does not mean that the Notepad is no longer the part of Windows 10. It is still a part of Windows 10 and comes pre-installed out of the box. The only thing changed about Microsoft is the way how it is going to receive future updates.

    Notepad is a standalone Windows app, and its release cycle is not linked to Windows 10 update schedule. It will get the updates independently like any other store app.

    According to the company, the following changes in the Notepad will help them in delivering the update, including new features quickly. This is also going to them in getting quick feedback and as a result, they will able to respond quickly.

    Following this, the company has introduced a new feedback section. To reach there, go to Feedback Hub > Apps > Notepad.

    Download Windows Notepad app from Microsoft Store

    Since Notepad is available in the Microsoft Store, it is expected that the company will add new features to this classic app. Windows Notepad is available for download on Windows 10 Build 19541.0 and later, so at the moment, you must be enrolled in the Windows Insider Program in the Fast Receive Ring.

    If you’re on the same build then you can download Notepad app for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store using the following link:

    Download Notepad for Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

    You can find Notepad in Microsoft Store by visiting its new home page.

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